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Retire Texas Style!

Steve Hoyl and Derrik Caldwell have worked tirelessly to craft personalized, high-quality financial services to a diverse group of clients at all income levels. As a lifelong resident of the Texas Panhandle, Steve has a unique insight into the passions, motivations and concerns of his client. It’s this connection with community — alongside more than three decades of industry experience — that allows Steve and Derrik to create retirement strategies that are as unique as the clients they serve and the places they live.

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Last Episode Date: 21 May 2024

Total Episodes: 157

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21 May 2024
Navigating Retirement Planning Amidst Political Uncertainty and Economic Volatility

In this episode, Steve and Derrick dissect the impact of the upcoming 2024 election on retirement finances, discussing market volatility, potential recessions, and the looming specter of Social Security uncertainty. From analyzing the aftermath of Tesla layoffs to dissecting...

18 min
14 May 2024
Strategies to Minimize Taxes on Inherited Assets

Many Americans are retiring early, but this poses challenges such as healthcare costs and the lack of social security income. Planning for retirement is crucial to address these challenges. A 401k is only one part of the financial puzzle, and there are many other aspects to ...

20 min
7 May 2024
The Importance of Generating Income in Retirement

The conversation focuses on retirement planning and the importance of generating income during retirement. Steve and Derrick discuss the misconception of relying solely on a specific savings number and emphasize the need for guaranteed sources of income like Social Security....

16 min
30 April 2024
Retire Texas Style: Building Your Financial Legacy

In this episode, Steve and Derrick delve into the importance of meticulous planning, tax strategies, and risk assessment to ensure a smooth transition into retirement. Learn how to create a sturdy income plan that lasts through retirement and discover strategies for managing...

16 min
23 April 2024
Don't Delay Your Dreams: Plan for Retirement Today!

Are you approaching retirement and feeling overwhelmed by the financial planning process?  On todays episode we will discuss...  The importance of acknowledging and managing your emotions when planning for retirement. How to create a realistic budget that considers fut...

18 min
16 April 2024
Maximizing Wealth: The Power of Deferred Tax Strategies with Shawn O'Keefe

Steve is joined with special guest Shawn O'Keefe, and they explore a crucial tax strategy for maximizing wealth. Discover how this unique approach allows sellers of highly appreciated assets to defer capital gains taxes, keeping more money working for them. Whether you're a ...

10 min
9 April 2024
Mastering Retirement: Navigating Taxes & Strategic Financial Planning

Discover the importance of having a solid tax strategy in retirement, as Steve and Derrick discuss the significant impact taxes can have on your retirement income. Learn why merely having financial assets isn't enough and how a comprehensive tax plan can optimize your financ...

8 min
2 April 2024
Overcoming Retirement Spending Fears

Learn why understanding your retirement income potential is crucial for living your best life post-retirement. Explore heartwarming stories of clients who have embraced their golden years with joy and fulfillment, debunking the myth of dwindling opportunities in retirement. ...

9 min
26 March 2024
Jeff Bezos Tax Strategy: Navigating Retirement Taxes & Inflation

Discover actionable insights to safeguard your wealth against inflationary pressures and market uncertainties, as Steve and Derrick provide expert guidance on building a comprehensive retirement income plan. From Roth conversions to diversification strategies, learn how to m...

7 min
19 March 2024
Navigating Divorce & Retirement: Financial Insights for Life Transitions

From the impact on standard of living to the division of assets and retirement planning, Steve and Derrick provide valuable insights into the financial repercussions of divorce. They emphasize the importance of total re-planning and proper financial guidance to mitigate the ...

8 min
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