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Rent Perfect with David Pickron

The experience of being a landlord has never been more complicated... or more rewarding. Making sure that things go right with your investment is perfectly possible, giving you more money, additional time and less headaches when you learn from seasoned investors and industry professionals.


Last Episode Date: 12 June 2024

Total Episodes: 130

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12 June 2024
Ep. 124 The Truth Behind Tenant Credit Scores

Is a credit score really a good indicator of a tenant applicant's ability to pay their rent?  Rent Perfect President David Pickron sheds light on the reality behind rising credit scores and why, as a landlord, you may need to dig a little deeper to understand your tena...

9 min
23 May 2024
Easy as 1,2,3... It's Simple to Become a Landlord

Ready to get into the housing provider game but not sure where to start?   Rent Perfect President David Pickron discusses the 3 critical steps to identifying your first property with first-time landlord and Rent Perfect Video Expert Kent Shelley.  🏠 The Rent Perfect sys...

16 min
9 May 2024
Ep. 122 Are Pools Cool for Investment Properties?

When it comes to the criteria you use for your investment purchases, do you shy away from looking at properties with pools?    Rent Perfect President David Pickron and Investor/Landlord Gary Mazzarella, discuss why buying investment properties with swimming pools can make ...

8 min
25 April 2024
Ep. 121 It's a People Business, Not a Property Business

Landlords often fall into the trap of thinking that their business is all about the property... they couldn't be more wrong.  Rent Perfect President David Pickron and Investor/Landlord Gary Mazzarella, discuss some of the people strategies they use to find success in t...

12 min
16 April 2024
Ep. 120 Tips from an Investment Lender

If you've ever wanted to have an investment lender shoot straight with you, then you are in for a treat.  Rent Perfect President David Pickron and Aaron Chapman, SecurityNational Mortgage Company Loan Officer, discuss some of the nuances and pitfalls you should lookout...

28 min
3 April 2024
Ep. 119 Thinking About Changing Your Portfolio? Listen Up!

As the markets continue to change due to rates and other factors, now more than ever you need to cosider all options for your property portfolio.  Rent Perfect President David Pickron and VP Scot Aubrey discuss why it is important to have an open mind when it comes to modif...

10 min
19 March 2024
Ep. 118 How Does Source of Income Affect Your Rentals?

Managing your properties is full of all types of challenges and nuances, especially when it comes to how you get paid.  Rent Perfect President David Pickron and Legal Counsel Denny Dobbins discuss recent market challenges surrounding source of income.

19 min
23 February 2024
Ep. 117 These Things Cause Evictions

There are few things that landlords hate more than having to process and eviction; he headache and cost of these unfortunate incidents always affect their bottom line.  Rent Perfect President David Pickron and Legal Counsel Denny Dobbins share their insights on what causes ...

16 min
16 February 2024
Ep. 116 Lease Clauses Are a Landlords Best Friend

Lease clauses are a landlords best friend.  Knowing how to create them and when to include them can make all the difference in having a profitable and successful experience.  Rent Perfect President David Pickron and Legal Counsel Denny Dobbins discuss why having lease clau...

16 min
1 February 2024
Ep. 115 How a Crime-Free Lease Addendum Protects Landlords

As a landlord, you are always looking for new ways to protect your investments.  Rent Perfect President David Pickron and legal counsel Denny Dobbins sit down to discuss why including a crime-free addendum in every lease helps protect your property.🏠 The Rent Perfect sys...

13 min
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