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Reimagining HR with Trina Sunday

Have you ever hoped for someone to save you time and effort by sorting through the overwhelming amount of HR content and letting you know what deserves your attention?

Join HR Game Changer Trina Sunday as she challenges conventional HR practices and dives straight into the heart of what matters. After two decades in HR, Trina understands the struggle of feeling time-poor and uninspired. She uses her knack for connection and facilitating meaningful storytelling to bring fresh perspectives from global thought leaders and real people who've been where you are.

From successes to setbacks, she’ll navigate it all as we strive for happy and healthy people and workplaces. Reimagining HR is your shortcut to meaningful insights and strategies that truly make a difference.


Last Episode Date: 16 June 2024

Total Episodes: 8

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16 June 2024
7. From Home to Workplace: Responding to Domestic Violence

Have you ever been unsure how to assist an employee who is suffering family and domestic violence at home?In this episode we look at practical tips your workplace can implement to assist victims of violence.If people ask for help, it might be the first or only time they reac...

38 min
2 June 2024
6. Productivity and Reimagining Space with Donna McGeorge

When was the last time you sat down and did nothing? This episode will make you question if you might be addicted to activity!In this episode, we chat with productivity coach Donna McGeorge about the value of adding space into our lives and diaries. You’ll learn some tips ...

49 min
19 May 2024
5. Organisational Trauma and the Elephants in the Room with Yemi Penn

If you’ve ever thought that the words ‘organisation’ and ‘trauma’ don’t go together, this episode will challenge your thinking!!Today we chat with author, speaker, engineer and entrepreneur Yemi Penn about the types of organisational trauma experienced in workpla...

32 min
5 May 2024
4. Design Thinking and Agile HR with Natal Dank

If you have ever wondered what the term agile HR means, and how it can relate to your organisation, this episode is for you!Today we are joined by agile HR expert and pioneer Natal Dank, whose work focuses on defining modern HR for the 21st century.We discuss exactly what ag...

42 min
21 April 2024
3. Reimagining HR and Maximising Our Impact

Imagine an HR world where the rules are redefined, where the status quo is not only challenged but dismantled and rebuilt with heart, strategy, and purpose. That's the vision shared in this episode. Trina shares her personal journey and her mission to Reimagine HR.You...

16 min
21 April 2024
2. Finding Clarity and Purpose in Cambodia

Have you ever felt stuck in a job that drains you, day after day, to the point where you question every decision that led you there? This episode features a story that might inspire you to make a radical change.Imagine being at the peak of your career in corporate HR, only t...

19 min
21 April 2024
1. From Soul Destroying to Soul-Enriching HR

Ever wondered what it takes to truly transform the HR landscape? Trina Sunday is a force of nature who's done just that. Trina shares her unfiltered career journey from PR to becoming an HR trailblazer, and the life lessons learned along the way. Hear how she tackled ge...

14 min
25 March 2024
Welcome to Reimagining HR with Trina Sunday

Have you ever felt like you're banging your head against a brick wall in HR, drowning in the noise of conflicting ideas and content overload? Welcome to ‘Reimagining HR with Trina Sunday’ the rule-breaking podcast where we challenge conventional thinking and traditi...

2 min
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