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Recruiting Trailblazers

Learn how the best recruiters do it! Marcus Edwardes deconstructs the mindset, methods, and magic of top practitioners in the recruiting profession. Marcus talks to internal recruiters, talent acquisition professionals, agency recruiters, personal branding specialists, recruiting technology vendors, and recruiting technology specialists. If you are looking for a job in recruiting or looking to change jobs in recruiting - this is a great place to improve your skills and understanding of what's working for successful recruiters. Informative discussions about candidate experience, personal branding, sourcing for candidates, recruiting and recruitment technology, LinkedIn, and how to use LinkedIn properly. And of course, candidate outreach and the need for personalization to differentiate oneself as a "relationship recruiter" as opposed to a "transactional recruiter". Work from home/ remote work is also a recurring topic. One of the central themes is the idea that recruiters need to prioritize their candidate's needs before their own needs - it's when you build a solid relationship and become a trusted advisor to candidates, that the magic really starts to happen as a recruiter.


Last Episode Date: 31 May 2024

Total Episodes: 193

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31 May 2024
Jeremy Jenson: Knowing Your Niche and Building a Thriving Recruitment Firm in 2024.

In today's episode, our host Marcus Edwardes sits down with Jeremy Jensen, founder and CEO of Encore Search Partners, a 40-person direct-hire recruitment agency. With a focus on headhunting revenue producers and tech professionals, Jeremy shares his expertise on navigat...

41 min
17 May 2024
Will McGhee: Productizing Your Recruiting Value-Prop to Win

This episode of Recruiting Trailblazers with Marcus Edwardes features a deep dive into the evolving world of recruitment with guest Will McGee. Will McGhee has over a decade of top performing agency recruiting experience under his belt. Averaging over 500k yearly billing an...

48 min
10 May 2024
Marcus Edwardes: Why Your BD Outreach Might Not Be Working Right Now

This week - Marcus opines on Agency Recruiters' struggles in securing those all-important "first-convos" with prospective clients.What's the issue? What's the solution?Tune in to find out!

7 min
26 April 2024
Tom Willis: Founding an Agency - Off To The Races in 6 Months!

In this insightful episode of Recruiting Trailblazers, Marcus dives into the journey of Tom Willis, a successful recruitment entrepreneur who made a significant leap from being a recruiter in the hustle and bustle of London to establishing his own thriving recruitment firm, ...

41 min
19 April 2024
Marcus Edwardes: Is AI Going to Make All Recruiters Sound the Same?

A quick 5 minute rant by Marcus : Whilst AI should be embraced  throughout the recruiting lifecycle - it is crucial not to attempt to replace the human connection that defines the best Recruiters in the biz!

5 min
5 April 2024
Kate Brogden: The Secrets to Leading a Boutique Search Firm- People, Process and Passion.

In this enlightening episode of Recruiting Trailblazers, Marcus sits down with Kate Brogden, a seasoned professional in the executive search and recruiting industry. With over a decade of experience, Kate shares invaluable insights into her journey from a CPA at Pricewaterho...

35 min
20 March 2024
Brad Terry: Dominate Your Niche The Contingency Way

This week -  a conversation between Marcus Edwardes, the host of Recruiting Trailblazers, and his guest Brad Terry, the owner of Crossvine Recruiting. Brad shares his journey from being a medical device sales rep to starting his own recruiting firm specializing in the medic...

47 min
6 March 2024
Susan Burke: From Intake to Offer, Getting it Right- On The Inside of the Org.

Susan Burke is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition for PeaceHealth. During the conversation, they (Marcus and Susan) delve into Susan's journey in the field of recruitment, the importance of building internal stakeholder relationships, and strategies for strategic ...

40 min
29 February 2024
Marcus Edwardes: This Might Be The End of the Line - Thoughts?

185 episodes in the can, over 100K downloads, I think it might be time to move on. Thanks to everyone for your feedback - please let me know your thoughts!Marcus@marcusedwardes.com

3 min
16 February 2024
Laura Victoria: Mastering the Art and Science of Talent Acquisition

The Evolution of Talent Acquisition: An Interview with Laura VictoriaIn this engaging episode of 'Inside HR', host Marcus Edwardes sits down with Laura Victoria, a seasoned professional in Talent Acquisition spanning 25 years across diverse industries. Their candid...

38 min
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