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Rebranding Safety

A Health and Safety Podcast, boring and complicated right? Nah. It’s the only source of H&S guidance that isn’t boring, or over the top, it’s my personal battle against Health and Safety gone mad. I have been described as a hip young gunslinger of a host and a guy that knows his onions . The podcast has been described as motivating, entertaining, hip and cool, rough and ready, refreshing, funny, interesting, opinionated. It’s not your normal podcast it’s not just full of interviews, yes we have interviews in the expert explains series, but we aim to provide actual content here!

Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 219

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16 May 2024
Our failure stories - The Rebranding Safety Show

Join James and Peter in looking at those times as safety professionals, we didn't get it right........

74 min
16 May 2024
Accountability and Regulation - The Rebranding Safety Show

In this episode, James and Peter reflect on what they've been up to, including The Health and Safety Event and the BFFF Conference, as well as answering a question from one of our listeners. This weeks discussion point from Terry Considine is... "I want more accountability a...

68 min
13 February 2024
The state of the safety profession and the importance of community - The Rebranding Safety Show with Amy Stillwell-Cox

Disclaimer: Profanity used throughout this episode Amy is the Founder of The Safe Tribe, a membership community for safety professionals, giving them a safe space to share ideas and gain confidence within the industry. With James, Amy talks about the reputation that the safe...

86 min
30 January 2024
Safety professionals - are you ok? The Rebranding Safety Show

Disclaimer - Profanity used throughout this video The survey results are in...... Thanks to everyone that completed our "Safety Professional - are you ok?" survey. The results were thought provoking, and in light of Blue Monday just passed (15th Jan) we share some of our tho...

86 min
16 January 2024
Complexity & why the safety industry is so poised for the conversation - Rebranding Safety with Chris Clearfield

Thank you to Chris who joins us for a second time on Rebranding Safety. Chris is an award-winning author and co-founder of Clearfield Group, guiding leaders through change and complexity. We catch up on the last 2 years and the landscape of complexity since his book 'Meltdow...

69 min
2 January 2024
Is economic growth written in blood? - The Rebranding Safety Show

Disclaimer - Profanity used throughout this podcast. As safety professionals, we find it abhorrent that a person can lose their life at work, but as a society, do we accept that it’s OK for a person to die at work in the name of progress - either economically, socially, te...

53 min
12 December 2023
2023 Round-up. What a year! The Rebranding Safety Show

Disclaimer - Profanity used throughout this podcast. It's been a mammoth year at Rebranding Safety - here's a little round up. We talk about LinkedIn royalty, Hackathons, not having the time to do new research, and obviously...... the Risk Fluent guidebook "How to Rebrand Sa...

49 min
15 August 2023
The Risk Fluent team grows - Rebranding Safety with Peter Jenkins

Absolutely buzzing to introduce our new Senior Partner, Peter, who you'll all know from his quarterly co-host segment last year and his extensive networking in and around safety. James and Peter have know each other for a couple of years now, and in this episode, they discus...

36 min
1 August 2023
What's new and a big thank you! | The Rebranding Safety Show

Check out the latest at Rebranding Safety, what's coming up, our new content structure and a massive thank you to all of our viewers and listeners for getting us to where we are now! Enjoy...

17 min
25 July 2023
The importance of reporting incidents - Rebranding Safety with Steven Kirby

(TW: some talk of suicidal thoughts) Steven is a safety and mental well-being speaker, as well as owner, MD and life coach at SkLifeCoachUK. Today he joins James, sharing the story of the accident he had at work and how it has affected his life and contributed to what he doe...

89 min
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