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Publishing Power

Publishing Power helps writers succeed!

Learn how to successfully write, edit, publish, and launch your book today from proven leaders and talented writers.

Discover the latest tips, tools, and tricks to publishing independently, traditionally, or as a hybrid publisher.

Listen to our carefully selected, knowledge-based interviews with the leading writing-industry experts. We’ll provide insight and up-to-date guidance in the ever-evolving world of publishing.

Learn how to plan, what to do, and where to get help publishing when you need it.

Plus, you get honest reviews of the various writing tools, apps, plugins, and services which can help (or hinder!) you to publish successfully!

Regardless if you write fiction, nonfiction, copy, or academic research, you will find a golden nugget here that will help you succeed.


Last Episode Date: 4 April 2024

Total Episodes: 107

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4 April 2024
7 Tips for Working With an Academic Copy Editor

Even the greatest of minds get it wrong sometimes. You would hardly guess that based on the final product, though. If you look at an error-free and high-quality research paper, your assumption might be that the author is just really smart. The truth is, the text you’re re...

4 min
26 January 2024
What is Metaphor and Mixed Metaphor?

What is Metaphor and Mixed Metaphor?

0 min
15 January 2024
What Marketing and Publishing Actions Can Happen While Editing?

What Marketing and Publishing Actions Can Happen While Editing?

0 min
12 January 2024
When to Create Your Book Marketing Strategy

When to Create Your Book Marketing Strategy

0 min
10 January 2024
What Steps Does a Publisher Provide to a Writer?

0 min
1 September 2023
What Are the Differences Between a Beta Reader and an Arc Reader?

In this short video, we delve into the world of publishing to explore the key differences between a beta reader and an arc reader. Discover how these roles play a crucial part in shaping an author's work, ensuring it's polished and ready to be unleashed upon the eager readin...

11 min
29 August 2023
What Is the Value of a Galley Copy?

In this short video, we explore the often-overlooked value of galley copies in the publishing industry. Discover how these advanced reader copies contribute to successful book launches, generate buzz, and offer invaluable insights for authors, publishers, and book enthusiast...

7 min
21 August 2023
What Is An Advanced Reader’s Copy ARC or Uncorrected Proof?

In this short video, we dive into the world of Advanced Reader's Copy (ARC) or commonly referred to as uncorrected proof. Discover what an ARC is, its purpose, and why it holds immense value for book enthusiasts and authors alike. Get a sneak peek into the fascinating proces...

4 min
24 July 2023
How To Write the Perfect Book Release

The work is done. You’ve written your book, proofread the text approximately hundred and fifty times, had the perfect cover created, and now it’s time for it to see the light of day. But hold on – there’s one element missing. In a world oversaturated with informatio...

5 min
17 July 2023
How to Write a Research Outline

"Writing a research outline for an academic paper can seem overwhelming, but it is an important step in the writing process. It helps to organize your thoughts and ensure that your paper has a clear structure. A research outline should include the main topics and subtopics t...

5 min
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