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Prosperous Pet Business

Pet Business Coach Kristin Morrison

Last Episode Date: 9 April 2024

Total Episodes: 146

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9 April 2024
Episode 142. Clearing Calendar Clutter

This episode is your invitation to clear out the clutter in your calendar (you can do it along with me as you listen!) and create more space for what truly matters in your life and pet business. By revisiting those recurring appointments and events that may be unknowingly we...

26 min
26 March 2024
Episode 141. Create Calm While Running a Busy Pet Business

If you’ve got a busy pet business, you may think that is the cause of your stress, but it may be the way you’re running your business or your relationship to the daily tasks that you do (or don’t do). In this podcast episode, you’ll learn the “what, why and how” ...

0 min
13 March 2024
Episode 140. Productivity Hacks

Learning how to maximize productivity is an important skill for pet business owners! There are simple actions you can take, starting right now, to help you get more done in less time. This podcast episode will help you do that!  In this episode, you’ll learn how to: -Set ...

32 min
16 January 2024
Episode 139. Create Sustainable Success

This is Stephanie’s third and final coaching session in this episode series.  Her first coaching session is Episode 137 and her second session is Episode 138. If you haven’t already heard the prior sessions, it’s recommended you listen to those before listening to thi...

0 min
20 December 2023
Episode 138. Release the Overwhelm

This is Stephanie’s second coaching session. Her first session is Episode 137. If you haven’t already heard her first session, it’s recommended to listen to her first session before listening to this session. Since the first coaching session, Stephanie has stopped spen...

39 min
7 December 2023
VIP Coaching Day in Hawaii or California

If you would like to combine a wonderful vacation along with an empowering day of private 1:1 pet business coaching with me, Kristin Morrison, the VIP Coaching Day is for you!  In this episode you’ll hear from Karissa, a pet sitting and dog walking business owner from Mic...

0 min
5 December 2023
Episode 137. Pet Business Pivot

Stephanie has had a dog business for many years and though she wants to continue growing her pet business, she also wants to create a new online business that is targeted to pet parents. She is thinking that an online business could be a good “branch” off her current pet...

0 min
18 October 2023
Episode 136. Create Financial Awareness, Self-Esteem and Confidence

Today’s podcast coaching client is Kristen. She boards dogs in her home and has three sons who keep her busy. She is going through a divorce and her soon-to-be ex-husband supported most her financial needs and now she needs to make more money in her dog boarding business....

0 min
9 October 2023
Episode 135. Starting Another Pet Business with Financial Concerns

Visit the show notes page at: Find out more about the 28-Day Business and Life Bootcamp for Badass Women. Listen to Kristin Morrison’s other podcast: Business Pathfinder podcast. Find out more about the live monthly webinars an...

0 min
6 October 2023
Announcement from Kristin Morrison

Hi pet pros! Hope you’re doing well today. 🙂  I’m hopping in your feed today with a special announcement.  I hope to see you at the 28-Day Business and Life Bootcamp for Badass Women.   ~Kristin Morrison

4 min
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