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Production Expert Podcast

The best music and post production tips, tricks and news on the web, brought to you by the Production Expert team. We support users of Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Studio One and those who work in music and post production.


Last Episode Date: 23 May 2024

Total Episodes: 322

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23 May 2024
Logic 11- The Most Significant Update Yet?

In this edition Julian and Ashea are joined by Eli Krantzberg, where they discuss the newly released Logic 11.Talking Points:New Logic Session PlayersGlobal Track and Region ChordsStem SplitterChromaGlowDolby Atmos EnhancementsSound & Producer PacksPitch Source Parameter...

51 min
8 May 2024
The Secrets Behind A Successful Immersive Mix

In this week’s edition Julian and Ashea are joined by Mark Gittins, where they discuss some of the secrets behind a successful immersive mix.Talking Points:Mixing the new Judas Priest albumHow does your approach differ when mixing in Atmos vs stereo?Important things to con...

56 min
25 April 2024
Tips, Tricks & Things We Wish We Knew Sooner!

In this week’s edition Julian & Ashea are joined by Paul Maunder, where they discuss some of the best advice, tips and tricks they've learned during their careers to date.Talking Points:Workflow tips, shortcuts and things you’ve discovered along the wayRecording...

51 min
10 April 2024
The Art of Sound Design for Film & TV

In this week’s edition Ashea is joined by Dallas Taylor from Defacto Sound & Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast, where they discuss the sound design process behind some of the world's most famous brands.Talking Points:Working to a brief: What is your process for captur...

46 min
27 March 2024
Voice Cloning Software: A Powerful But Potentially Dangerous AI Tool.

In this week’s edition Julian and  Ashea joined by Anna Bulakh of Respeecher, where they discuss the importance of ethics in AI and how to proceed with caution.Talking Points:What are some of the current threats AI poses in society/the audio and music industry today?Synth...

46 min
13 March 2024
Who Are The New Industry Gatekeepers?

In this week's edition Julian and Ashea are joined by Steve DeMott, where they discuss the music industry Gatekeepers of today, who are they and are they worse?Talking Points:Social Media age and the “democratization” of the industry.Labels vs the new A.I/Digital ga...

43 min
28 February 2024
Is AI Finally Coming For Our Jobs?

In this week’s edition Julian and  Ashea are joined by Reid Caulfield, where they discuss a recent article from the LA Times and ask ‘Is AI coming for our jobs, and should we be worried?’Talking Points:LA Times Article:

69 min
21 February 2024
The Truth About Making A Living In The Audio Industry

On request of our listeners. In this week's episode Ashea is joined by Russ Hughes and Paul Maunder where they give tried and tested advice on  how to make a living in today's audio industry. Talking Points:What was your first pro gig and how did that come about?G...

45 min
14 February 2024
The Secret Sauce Behind The Legendary PMC Speakers

In this week’s edition Julian & Ashea are joined by Oliver Thomas and Maurice Patist from PMC.Talking Points:PMC & its history - background of companyRelationship with UGM/DolbyPMC and suitability for Immersive - any particular features which you think make them pa...

58 min
7 February 2024
The UK Government Women In Music Report: Can We Agree On How To Tackle These Issues?

Talking Points:In this episode Ashea is joined by Russ Hughes & Lexie Morgan of HHB London and formerly iZotope, to give three different perspectives on the recent UK government report about the obstacles women are met with while pursuing a career in the music industry. ...

52 min
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