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Unlock the secrets of success with "Power," the podcast that delves into the extraordinary stories of legendary entrepreneurs based on the book: Procurement Power written by Simba Msonzah. From the visionary innovations of Elon Musk to the relentless determination of Steve Jobs, each episode reveals the untold tales behind the world's most influential business leaders. Join us as we explore the triumphs, challenges, and strategies that propelled these icons to greatness. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, "Power" will inspire and empower you to reach n


Last Episode Date: 12 April 2024

Total Episodes: 4

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12 April 2024
Henry Ford's Nightmare

Delve into the depths of procurement nightmares with the legendary Henry Ford, the pioneer of mass production. Join us as we unravel Ford's relentless pursuit to secure his supply chain amidst looming risks. Ford's paranoia led him to extraordinary measures. Discover how he ...

6 min
31 March 2024
Rothschilds: Opportunistic & International Buying

Procurement Power: Opportunistic & International Sourcing - The Rothschilds Textile Business. They're whispered about as the world's most powerful family, rumored to pull the strings of financial institutions and governments alike. But before the Rothschilds became the...

5 min
24 March 2024
Lever Brothers: The Power of Toll Manufacturing for Entrepreneurs

Join us in this episode of "Power" as we explore the fascinating journey of entrepreneurs who defied the odds to finance and grow their businesses without initial capital investment. Inspired by the legendary success story of Lever Brothers, we delve into how entrepreneurs c...

7 min
23 March 2024
How Strive Masiyiwa Won with Supplier Relationships

Delve into the business genius behind Strive Masiyiwa's establishment of Econet. This episode dissects his mastery of supplier relationships – from securing critical equipment to navigating political pressure. Learn actionable strategies for leveraging suppliers to achieve...

14 min
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