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Podbytes: KPMG in Canada’s Podcast

Welcome to Podbytes! Listen to KPMG in Canada leaders and subject matter experts on a vast range of topics including our Audit, Tax, Advisory and Enterprise services. | Bienvenue sur PodBytes! Écoutez les dirigeants et les experts techniques de KPMG au Canada parler d’une vaste gamme de sujets, dont nos services-conseils et nos services aux entreprises, d’audit et de fiscalité.


Last Episode Date: 6 May 2024

Total Episodes: 78

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6 May 2024
Episode 1: Tools to Thrive | Come As You Are

Our host Ilario Melia is joined by GTA leaders Janelle Dixon & Kareem Sadek, where the group candidly and authentically share what mental health means to them and their personal journeys. They delve into what is in their own mental health toolkit, sharing genuine narrati...

46 min
25 April 2024
Teaser - Tools to Thrive | Come As You Are

Mental Health Week kicks off May each year. With that in mind, get ready for a brand new episode "Tools to Thrive" in our podcast series Come As You Are. This year’s podcast is hosted by Ilario Melia, GTA Audit Partner, Wellness Champion and GTA Mental Health Network Co-Ch...

1 min
11 April 2024
Episode 15: Bitcoin Mining | The State of Digital Assets

The #Bitcoin #halving is a core part of the Bitcoin protocol which occurs every four years and reduces the amount of new bitcoin supply by half. Ahead of the halving event next week, Amanda Fabiano (Founder, Fabiano Consulting) joins KPMG's George Djuric, Kaan Farahani and h...

34 min
4 April 2024
Episode 8: Web3 | Insiders

Marc Low, head of KPMG Ignition in Vancouver, invites Alex Tapscott, VC and author of "Web3 Charting the Internet's Next Economic and Cultural Frontier." They discuss entrepreneurship and what it means to get ahead as a business leader in the next internet age.  

28 min
28 March 2024
Episode 14: Fraud and Financial Crimes with Chainalysis | The State of Digital Assets

Chainalysis CMO, Ian Andrews, joins Sue Ling Yip (Partner, Risk Services, Financial Crimes, KPMG in Canada) and Kunal Bhasin (Partner & Co-Leader, Digital Assets Center of Excellence, Advisory Services, KPMG in Canada) to discuss financial crimes involving cryptoassets a...

47 min
29 February 2024
Episode 7: Clean Tech | Insiders

Marc Low, head of KPMG Ignition in Vancouver, invites Brett Henkel, co-founder and senior vice president of business development at Svante, and Jeanette Jackson, CEO of Foresight to a candid conversation on the challenges and opportunities found within Cleantech. 

34 min
8 January 2024
Episode 8: Behind the green screen - ESG fraud | Fraudcast: stories of tricks & treachery

In this episode, we will be discussing stories of ESG fraud and its many consequences. Tony Lam joins as a special guest to share his thoughts on how to ensure that actions made towards ESG goals have the intended impact and how to avoid perpetuating ESG fraud.

19 min
14 December 2023
Episode 7: To pay or not to pay? The ransomware question | Fraudcast: stories of tricks & treachery

Ransomware continues to make headlines and is seen on the news more frequently these days. In this episode, we share stories detailing how events unfold when a group of skilled individuals hold sensitive company information hostage through the use of ransomware.

29 min
27 November 2023
Episode 6: Decrypting the truth | Fraudcast: stories of tricks & treachery

In this episode, we discuss stories of cryptocurrency fraud and how we can all protect ourselves from becoming victims. Special guests Amrit Dev and James Emerson join as special guests to share recommendations and best practices to invest carefully in cryptocurrencies to mi...

23 min
13 November 2023
Episode 5: Hook, line and stolen identity | Fraudcast: stories of tricks & treachery

In this episode, we discuss the schemes used by fraudsters to get information through illegitimate means. Imraan Bashir, Partner and National Public Sector Cyber Leader joins as a special guest and discusses phishing and digital identity. 

24 min
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