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Playing Injured

Athletes aren’t the only ones that play injured. Life throws curve balls at us all and stops us in our tracks – if we let it. The aches and pains that we face may be out of our control, but how we react, endure, and overcome is something that we can. By hearing the stories of individuals that have excelled at persevering through adversity and hardship, hosts Josh Dillingham and Mason Eddy will discover the mindset and attitude of what it takes to play through anything. The show has had amazing guests that include Evan Carmichael, Anthony Trucks, Eric Edmeades, Mark Metry, Jevon Carter, and so many more.


Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 121

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16 May 2024
Wrestling with Adversity: Turning Pain into Purpose with Ryan Gonzalez

When life throws a curveball, it's the strength within us that determines our next move. Ryan Gonzalez, a wrestling coach grappling with stage four pancreatic cancer, joins us to share his remarkable story of resilience and the profound lessons learned through his strug...

52 min
4 April 2024
Turning Worry into Winning: Dr. Eddie O'Connor's Masterclass on Performance Psychology (EP 120)

Discover how to harness the power of your worries and fears to catapult you towards success, with renowned clinical and sports psychologist Dr. Eddie O'Connor guiding the way. Unravel the complexities of worry, its evolution from a necessary survival mechanism to a some...

42 min
21 March 2024
Sculpting Success from Adversity with John Graham Harper (EP 119)

When life threw him curveballs, John Harper, CEO of LumaFlex, didn't just dodge; he swung back and sculpted his legacy. Our latest conversation with this former competitive athlete turned CEO is an exhilarating journey through his transition from high-impact sports to t...

37 min
15 February 2024
Obtaining Financial Freedom: Grit, Mentorship & Impact w/ Mason Eddy (EP 118)

When the weight of financial hardship from Mason's family loomed over him, a pivotal shift occurred as he cracked open the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." That moment sparked the entrepreneurial fire that would eventually lead him to where he is today. Grateful for...

42 min
25 January 2024
Cultivating Identity and Purpose with Jonathan Cohen (EP 117)

Have you ever felt the spark of inspiration flickering within you, urging you forward, yet found yourself grappling with how to channel that energy into action? This week, Jonathan Cohen, a seasoned attorney and Host of Inside the Inspired, joins us to unravel the intricate ...

32 min
18 January 2024
The War Within w/ Brett Snodgrass: Pursuing Growth and Connection (EP 116)

Ever wondered how an athlete's competitive spirit can shape a lifetime of entrepreneurship? Brett Snodgrass, former athlete and seasoned entrepreneur, joins us to share his transformation from the courts to the corporate world, and the lessons his journey has taught him...

40 min
12 January 2024
Embracing Intentionality and Mindfulness for a Fulfilled Life with Billy Lahr (EP 115)

Have you ever caught yourself merely coasting through life, feeling like something was missing? That's where Billy Lahr found himself before he embraced the transformative path of intentional living and mindfulness. Sitting down with the host of the "Mindful Midlif...

59 min
4 January 2024
Embracing the Journey of Going All-in with Jeanne Collins (EP 114)

Have you ever stood at the crossroads of a career upheaval, unsure of which path leads to fulfillment? Jeanne Collins, a beacon of transformation, joins us as we traverse the landscape of personal growth and well-being. With her "Two Feet In" philosophy, Jeanne ill...

39 min
28 December 2023
Unveiling the Path to Success through Clarity and Intentional Living with Marcus Kaulius (EP 113)

Have you ever set out on a journey, only to realize you've forgotten the map? That's a bit how I felt before sitting down with Marcus Collius, the visionary co-founder of Play A Bigger Game, who reminded us that without clarity, we're simply travelers without ...

37 min
21 December 2023
Harnessing the Transformative Power of Reading for Personal Growth with Nick Hutchinson (EP 112)

Unlock the secrets to a transformed life with Nick Hutchinson, the mastermind behind BookThinkers and author of "Rise of the Reader," who joins us for a riveting discussion on the life-altering power of reading. We start off by examining the profound influence of D...

36 min
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