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Planned Solutions

Planned Solutions is an Independent Financial Planning Firm - looking out for our client's best interests. With over 30 years in the financial planning business, we at Planned Solutions will help guide you to a secure financial future. At Planned Solutions, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will sit down with you, review your current situation and work with you to develop an individualized financial plan and implement an asset management strategy. We are very familiar with the range of options available today – investment opportunities, savings, pension plans and insurance products – and will help you identify which choices are best suited for both you and your family’s goals. Financial planning, retirement planning, investment management, estate planning, insurance analysis, and tax planning and preparation are our specialties. Please give us a call for a complimentary initial consultation, where we will discuss your goals and help design a plan of action.


Last Episode Date: 23 May 2024

Total Episodes: 54

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23 May 2024
Interest Rate Perspectives, Beware of Annuity Contracts in 401k Plans & Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Welcome to the⁠ @plannedsolutions ⁠Incorporated Podcast. The increase in interest rates over the past several years has created some financial planning opportunities and risks that should be considered. These include the benefit of creating a cash management plan to in...

28 min
9 May 2024
US First Quarter Economic Growth Rate, Home Insurance Cancelations & IRS Audits

Welcome to the @plannedsolutions Incorporated Podcast. The US economy is estimated to have increased by just a 1.6% annualized rate in the first quarter. The most important categories of personal consumption expenditures and investment expenditures reported reasonably stro...

27 min
25 April 2024
The US Job Market, Long -Term Interest Rates & Rise Maturing CDs

Welcome to the Planned Solutions Incorporated Podcast. On this episode we discuss some reports claiming that the US labor market is turning for the worse. However, most of the data cited has been anecdotal data that does not seem to be indicative of the entire market. Taking...

30 min
11 April 2024
Financial Stress Index, Insider Stock Transactions As A Market Signal & Review Estate Planning Docs

In this episode of the Planned Solutions Incorporated Podcast, One year after the mini financial crisis sparked by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, the financial stress index is at its lowest level since before the 2008 financial crisis. There are some areas of the financ...

26 min
28 March 2024
Common Sources of Negative Tax Surprises, Where Inflation is Hiding & Sale of Primary Residence

In this episode of the Planned Solutions Incorporated Podcast, the US tax system is complex with many moving pieces that can lead to tax surprises. Changes in income, deductions, credits, or tax withholding can all lead to a taxpayer owing more tax than expected. Some of the...

27 min
14 March 2024
Custodial Accounts And Tax Planning, Stock Earnings Increase, Interest Rates And Tax Withholding

In this episode of the Planned Solutions Incorporated Podcast, In a real-life case study, we explore just one way that a financial advisor can use strategic timing along with the integration of investment and tax planning to increase the long-term financial benefits from a s...

29 min
29 February 2024
Interest Rates, The Yield Curve & Credit Spreads, Excess HSA Contributions

In this episode of the Planned Solutions Incorporated Podcast, Interest rates are often referred to generically when referencing the Federal Funds Rate (the overnight lending rate between banks that the Federal Reserve manages). However, many interest rates are impacted by t...

25 min
15 February 2024
Charitable Tax Deductions What You Need To Know And Fed Policy And Market Expectations

In this episode of the Planned Solutions Incorporated Podcast, The IRS charitable contribution rules are complex. The rules differ depending on the type of property donated (cash, check, credit card, or in-kind), the amount donated, the taxpayer’s income or other tax deduc...

33 min
1 February 2024
Refinance Your Mortgage, US Consumer Sentiment Surged In January, 529 Plans To Repay Student Loans

In this episode of the Planned Solutions Incorporated Podcast, Mortgage rates have declined recently from very high levels. This has caused some homeowners who purchased a new home last year during the higher interest rate environment to consider refinancing their mortgage t...

26 min
18 January 2024
Beware A Rotation In Stock Leadership Stock Market Dips To Start 2024 Electric Vehicle Tax Credits

In this episode of the Planned Solutions Incorporated Podcast, The Magnificent Seven (the seven most valuable companies included in the S&P 500 index) increased in value by 75% in 2023, whereas the remaining 493 stocks in the index increased by 12%. This has captured the...

29 min
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