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PhD Career Stories

PhD Career Stories is a podcast where PhDs share their stories and experiences in life after a PhD, inspiring you to take the next step in your career development! Visit us at


Last Episode Date: 12 January 2024

Total Episodes: 130

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12 January 2024
#130: Interview with Ashley Ruba on Using LinkedIn To Advance and Pivot Careers

Are you one of the people who feels shy about using LinkedIn? Do you know about its potential but still hold back, in fear of having nothing worth sharing? You are definitely not the only one, and today’s guest has some wisdom to share! Join our host, Elisabeth Reithuber,...

42 min
8 December 2023
#129: Interview with Marie-Hélène Pelletier on How to Build Resilience and Break through Barriers

Do you feel stuck? Do you tend to procrastinate taking the next steps in your career? If you want to find out why this happens and how to move forward, you should listen to today’s conversation with Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier and our host, Dr. Tina Persson. Marie-Hélèn...

45 min
10 November 2023
#128: Interview with Flávia Sousa on Academic Mentorship and Transferable Skills

Has your academic path lacked solid mentorship and support? Do you feel that, in order to move up, you need management skills that weren’t passed on to you during the PhD? Well, Flávia Sousa has “been-there, done-that” and in today’s episode she tells our host, Tina...

35 min
13 October 2023
#127: Interview with Gry Wester on Shifting Mindsets in order to Succeed

Are you feeling frustrated and unproductive in academia? Do you feel compelled to quit and completely change your career? Join us for an inspiring episode hosted by Tina Persson, featuring Gry Wester, a fellow PhD Career Stories listener who transitioned from academia to con...

43 min
8 September 2023
#126: Katharina Schwaiger on Starting a Career in SciComm While Finishing a PhD

Are you a recent or soon-to-be PhD graduate trying to figure out the next steps? Have the events of the past few years gotten you interested in Science Communication? In this episode, you will hear from Katharina Schwaiger, who has been in a very similar spot! Katharina hold...

30 min
11 August 2023
#125: Carving Your Own Path: From a PhD to the Director of Business Development with Martin Trinker

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you realized the need for a fresh job title that better aligns with your responsibilities and skills? In this episode of PhD Career Stories, join our host Elisabeth Reithuber as she sits down with Martin Trinker, the Director...

21 min
14 July 2023
#124: Simon Rittmann on Innovating on Two Fronts: Founding a Company while Thriving in Academia

You might have always wanted to be an academic, but what if your academic research brought up a groundbreaking technology that you knew could dramatically revolutionize industrial processes? Would you choose to stay in academia or pivot to industry and bring your idea to mar...

33 min
9 June 2023
#123: Round table discussion with EATRIS on the power of soft skills in your professional journey

Are you curious why soft skills are crucial for your career growth? Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this podcast is your gateway to practical tips, real-life examples, and expert insights that will help you harness the full potential of soft skil...

52 min
12 May 2023
#122: Joel Baker on exploring the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT: Tips and Tricks

Are you feeling left behind, questioning if your traditional methods are outdated in this era of AI tools? Do you grapple with ethical concerns when utilizing ChatGPT for specific tasks, feeling a sense of cheating? Or do you proudly embrace ChatGPT as your go-to solution fo...

36 min
14 April 2023
#121: Interview with Bryan Quoc Le on stepping beyond one’s comfort zone

Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and excelled in something that you thought was not your cup of tea? This is one of the topics out of many that Tina Persson and Bryan Quoc Le share with us in this episode.   Bryan Quoc Le is a food scientist, food industry con...

35 min
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