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Pathway to Profit as a Part Time Yoga Teacher

Bite-sized, practical, no-hype podcasts to help you build the FOUNDATION for a regular income of at least £2000 or more, every month, from teaching no more than 8 to 10 classes a week - so you can enjoy what you do, keep a balance in your life and scale up (if that's what you want to do) from a position of strength and confidence.   
No hype. No promises of 6 figure months. 
Just practical advice from a 70 year old yoga teacher who's built a thriving business teaching part time for ten years.....


Last Episode Date: 22 April 2024

Total Episodes: 41

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22 April 2024
Are you putting students off coming to your yoga classes? 5 ways you might be actually hurting your yoga business growth.

I know this might seem a crazy question! Why on earth would you do anything to put people off coming to work with you?But the truth is, as I mentor yoga teachers keen to grow their businesses, I can see they are quite clearly, unwittingly doing just that!I call it creating ...

15 min
15 April 2024
How to delegate like a pro in your yoga business.

Over the last 3 episodes of this podcast I’ve been diving a little deeper into the whole topic of investing in support for your business so that you can focus on what you do best: teach.In this, the fourth episode looking at the whole concept of delegating in your yoga bus...

15 min
25 March 2024
39. From hands off to hands on: Mastering the art of hiring and delegating effectively in your yoga business.

In the previous two podcasts I’ve shared why it’s a REALLY good idea to invest in support in your business from a very early stage  and explained why it really is a false economy to think you can do it all on your own. In this episode I share the 3 ways you CAN invest ...

19 min
18 March 2024
38. Burnt out, cash strapped yoga teacher? Are you making the costly mistake of skimping on business support?

The second in this series on why delegating and investing in support in your business - IF done wisely, is important if you seriously want to earn a sustainable income from your teaching. Wondering if you need a website and considering doing it on your own even though it’...

18 min
11 March 2024
35. The 3 step re-set to revitalising your yoga business dreams - part 2: Confronting external beliefs which are holding you back.

In a previous podcast looking at what holds us back from thriving as yoga teachers I explained I see 3 key things which hold us back: First – your INTERNAL belief patterns.Beliefs such as- I’m not good enough/don’t know enough yet- It’s impossible to make a real liv...

15 min
11 March 2024
36. The 3 step re-set to revitalising your yoga business dreams part 3: - Navigating the path to YOUR perfect business model.

In this, the final podcast in this series looking at how to revitalise your yoga business, I’d like to talk about something which might sound a little boring - but which is crucial on two counts: your profitability and your happiness and satisfaction with the business you ...

17 min
11 March 2024
37. 4 reasons why you should delegate in your yoga business

“I feel like chief cook and AND bottle washer!”That’s a phrase I heard quite a bit from my Mum in our household when I was young….It always came up when she was overworked, tired and struggling to juggle all the jobs, and Dad and I knew that meant we needed to chip i...

12 min
19 February 2024
34. The 3 step re-set to revitalising your yoga business dreams

As I record this podcast we're almost at the end of February - the first two months of the year are almost always one of THE best times of the year for anyone working in the fitness/wellness space, so hopefully you've begun the year with a good injection of cash in...

15 min
12 February 2024
33. Advertising alchemy for yoga teachers: how to turn £125 ad spend into over £6000 income for your business

How do you advertise your yoga business?For many, on a shoestring budget, it's posting on Instagram or Facebook for free, and the mindset is one of spending as little as possible because money is so  tight.And I'm all for getting as wise as possible about your adv...

15 min
29 January 2024
32. The big myth around niching as a yoga teacher

In the last episode of this podcast I talked about why nailing your niche is probably one of the best things you can do to build a sustainable business as a yoga teacher.But nailing a niche is not always an easy process and there’s one thing I hear said often that I really...

16 min
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