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Passive Cash Flow Podcast

If you want to make your money work harder or take control of your IRA this podcast is for you. The Passive Cash Flow Podcast explains how investors can earn truly passive cash flow through real estate investments by teaming up with the professionals at Peoples Capital Group (PCG). Co-Owner of PCG, Aaron Fragnito, hosts this podcast & dives into how PCG finds, analyzes, renovates, & manages property to produces strong passive returns to silent investors. This podcast is for beginner or experienced investors. Subscribe today to learn how you can own a part of an apartment building & start earning Passive Cash Flow!


Last Episode Date: 3 May 2024

Total Episodes: 158

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3 May 2024
Building Wealth with Apartment Buildings

In this episode, Aaron Fragnito explains how Peoples Capital Group helps people build their wealth through multifamily properties and why they select this popular asset class to build their clients wealth. Aaron details the benefits of apartment building ownership and what n...

51 min
1 April 2024
Helping Family Offices

David Homan joins the Passive Cash Flow Podcast to explain how he helps Family Offices connect with the people or services they require to fulfill their passions and preserve their wealth. David started his career as a classical musical composer but in time transitioned to b...

32 min
2 March 2024
What is the PCG Debt Fund

In this episode, Aaron Fragnito Co Founder of Peoples Capital Group, explains how the PCG Debt Fund allows qualified investors to invest confidently in real estate. Aaron explains the rules of the fund for PCG and how investors capital is protected. This episode also summari...

16 min
1 February 2024
How to Buy Distressed Debt

Natalia Sosnina joins the show to explain how Terra Strategies purchases distressed debt and how they improve the loan performance to sell the debt for a profit. Distressed debt comes in many shapes and sizes such as mortgages, business debt and defaulting bonds. Natalia ex...

31 min
29 December 2023
Reporting in from Israel & the Corporate Transparency Act

Tzvi Weiser joins the Podcast from Israel to explain the experience living in Jerusalem while war is raging. Living in Israel over the last 25 years, Tzvi has seen his fair share of hardship and terrorism. Tzvi and Aaron also discuss the latest government overreach veiled as...

26 min
1 December 2023
PCG's 2024 Real Estate Fund

Peoples Capital Group is launching a new real estate fund open accredited investors. This fund will focus on acquiring distressed Class C and B apartment buildings throughout NJ, stabilizing the assets and selling them for a profit over 3 - 5 years. This is a Reg D 506(c) op...

37 min
27 October 2023
Make a Difference with the The Lazarex Cancer Foundation

The Lazarex Cancer Foundation joins the show to explain how to help people with cancer who are struggling with the financial burden created from cancer care. One of the biggest costs often not covered by insurance is the cost of traveling to and staying near your specialist ...

38 min
29 September 2023
Vaughn Davis Details Managing Hotels, Modeling and Playing in the NFL

Former NFL Player, model and current Managing Director of Dream Hollywood, Vaughn Davis, joins the show to explain how he worked his way up the ladder at a number of 5 star hotels to eventually become the Managing Director at one of the greatest hotels in the country. Vaughn...

46 min
21 July 2023
How to Raise Private Capital - The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Investors

Jay and Aaron share their valuable insights on raising capital and implementing effective structures to safeguard and ensure profitability for investors. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a curious enthusiast, this episode is a must-watch to gain valuable knowledge ...

14 min
15 July 2023
Maximizing Cash Flow: Hiring the Right Property Management Company for Your Real Estate Investments

Join us in this informative video as we delve into the key factors for success in real estate investments. Learn the art of hiring the right management company and discover how to determine the perfect fit for your property. Additionally, don't miss out on our exclusive...

15 min
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