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Party’s Over: Post Grad Podcast

Party's Over Post Grad Podcast is all about life after graduating college and how to transition into your early 20's. The challenges of balancing a social life, 9-5 job, being passionate, staying healthy, and more. Meaningful conversations, useful tips and tricks about navigating your post grad blues.


Last Episode Date: 14 May 2024

Total Episodes: 223

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14 May 2024
Ep. 224: Earning Your Rest

Your rest time is important! On today's episode, we talk about how to maximize your down-time, actively and consciously rest, work hard during the day and rest guilt-free. Please note we say this all in a non-toxic non-hustle culture way LOL Follow our InstagramFollow ...

31 min
7 May 2024
Ep. 223: How To Appreciate Your People

Life can get busy so it's important to stop and tell the people you love and appreciate them! However, on this episode, we talk about how to show people you appreciate them in a way that they recognize. We also discuss how to carve time out for stuff like this in the mi...

32 min
30 April 2024
Ep. 222: What's Your Social Responsibility Online?

We all know it's your responsibility to protect your own peace, but do you owe it to others to protect theirs too?Follow our InstagramFollow LizFollow Ashley

32 min
23 April 2024
Ep. 221: The Importance of Living Below Your Means

On this episode we are talking about the importance of living like you are poor instead of living like you're dying! Because living like you're dying could get you into some real financial hardships. You know how you probably say, "next month will be less bus...

31 min
16 April 2024
Ep. 220: The Hard Times Get Better

When you are in a low place sometimes it can feel like you'll never get out of it, and you'll never be your happy, confident self again. On today's episode, we talk about what it's like to be in the low place, how to help friends in it, how to help yourse...

29 min
2 April 2024
Ep. 219: Life in a Band with Scott Begin of Badfish: Sublime Tribute 🥁🎶

In college Scott and his friend found themselves hanging up flyers across campus to come watch their new band, Badfish play Sublime tribute songs in the early 00's! As the band kept booking gigs, and Scott found himself in his first computer science job post-grad, he wa...

57 min
12 March 2024
Ep. 218: The Ultimate Guide to Bachelorette Party Season 👯‍♀️

As bachelorette party season begins, it's time to plan the upcoming celebration! In this episode, we dive into the essential tips for planning the perfect bachelorette bash. Whether you're the Maid of Honor, an excited guest, or the bride herself, we've got yo...

39 min
5 March 2024
Ep. 217: Things We Didn't Expect As Adults

Sometimes life comes at you fast... and unexpectedly! On this weeks episode we share the good, bad, and ugly of life as an adult. For example, the constant "things will slow down next week" or "what's for dinner tonight?"! Nobody told us our minds wo...

28 min
27 February 2024
Ep. 216: If We Were On A Reality Show!

Believe it or not neither of us have been on a reality show, BUT if we were here are some of the ones we would love to go on and the ones we would rather skip...Follow our InstagramFollow LizFollow Ashley

30 min
20 February 2024
Ep. 215: Treat Your Life As A Business

Have you ever thought of your life as a business? Your friends and family are your board, your spouse is your business partner, you manage your finances, it's all very similar. On this episode we chat about why you may want to start looking at life with the lens of a bu...

27 min
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