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Own Your Career Own Your Life

The Own Your Career Show is the companion podcast to the book Own Your Career Own Your Life by Andy Storch. This show is all about helping you own your career, achieve your goals, fulfill your potential, and live the life you want. Each week we bring you great interview guests and solo episodes with content and advice from the book. Note: This podcast was previously called the Andy Storch Show.


Last Episode Date: 13 May 2024

Total Episodes: 258

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13 May 2024
Navigating Career Obstacles: Strategies for Career Resilience and Growth

In this solo episode, I dive into a deeply personal and motivating discussion on the inherent challenges life throws our way, especially when aspiring to big dreams or grappling with setbacks like job loss or business downturns. I will share:How adopting a philosophy of resi...

15 min
2 May 2024
Embracing Imperfection: How Growth Mindset Can Propel Your Professional Life

Your host, Andy Storch, dives deep into the empowering world of the growth mindset, challenging the allure of perfectionism and promoting the concept of progress over perfection. Andy shares:His reflections on how striving for an unattainable ‘perfect’ can hold us back, ...

9 min
16 April 2024
Three Mindsets to Embrace Uncertainty and Challenges with Andy Storch

n today's solo episode, I delve deep into three powerful mindsets that can revolutionize the way we embrace uncertainty and challenges. As the world around us continuously evolves, it's crucial we equip ourselves with the tools to not only survive but thrive amidst change. T...

23 min
2 April 2024
Mastering Valuable Future Skills: Insights on Key Competencies for Success with Andy Storch

In this solo episode, I discuss the most valuable skills of the future. I share insights from a keynote presentation I recently delivered and present 6 essential skills that are currently valuable and will become increasingly important in the future. From curiosity and learn...

19 min
18 March 2024
Navigating Career Development in 2024 with Ahmad Mansur

Today we dive deep into the heart of career development, exploring the importance of taking ownership of your career path.We'll discuss:The essential shift from operating in reaction mode to creating a career with intention and visionReframing career challengesNetworking the...

56 min
13 March 2024
Owning Your Career Amidst Uncertainty and Layoffs

As I record this in the beginning of March 2024, there seems to be a lot of fear and uncertainty in the economy and job markets. On the one hand, companies are performing well and the stock market is hitting all-time highs. And while the unemployment rate in the US is also q...

24 min
12 February 2024
3 Mindset Shifts that will Change Your Life

In this episode I share 3 powerful mindset shifts that can change your life. I dive into the concepts of ownership mindset, growth mindset, and abundance mindset, and provide real-life examples of how these shifts have transformed my own life. By adopting these mindsets, you...

20 min
16 January 2024
Time management tips to help you achieve more of your goals in 2024

As we usher in the new year, it's the perfect time for us to hone our time-management skills and set our sights on achieving big goals in 2024. If you've been following my work on reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the year ahead, you know how crucial it is to...

31 min
2 January 2024
Reflecting on 2023 and setting goals and habits for 2024

Today I'm sharing my process and my reflections on 2023 and my goals and "big rocks" I've set for 2024 as well as the habits I want to use to achieve those goals. This should help you think about your own goals for 2024 and what you want to achieve. If you work in talent dev...

44 min
15 November 2023
Thrive in Your Career: Game-Changing Actions to Fuel Your Success and Happiness

As we celebrate National Career Development Month, I share an exhaustive list of actionable strategies that can support your own career growth and help you support others in their career journeys. From setting clear goals and identifying strengths to expanding your network a...

26 min
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