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OWA Talks Podcast

Welcome to the OWA Talks podcast from the Optical Women's Association! Our two hosts, Carissa and Tatiana, interview esteemed guests who connect, inspire and lead women in the optical industry.


Last Episode Date: 30 April 2024

Total Episodes: 52

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30 April 2024
Barbara De Rigo of De Rigo Vision SPA

In this episode, OWA Talks is joined by Barbara De Rigo of De Rigo Vision SPA. Listen as we discuss YALEA, an exciting De Rigo house brand, created and launched in collaboration with our guest, that promotes contemporary women and seeks to help enhance their personal growth ...

32 min
26 March 2024
Dr. Brianna Rhue

Dr. Brianna Rhue talks with our co-hosts about scaling a business and everything along the journey. Going from an Optometrist to a woman in tech, building the 41st fastest growing company, to purchasing a practice and the hurdles to overcome. Hear how the patient / doctor re...

27 min
27 February 2024
Mimi, David and Liz Friedfeld of ClearVision

ClearVision Optical is a second-generation family-owned independent leader in the eyewear industry. Join us in this episode where we chat with not one, but three members of the Clear Vision family and discuss the values that have allowed the company to endure for 75 years.Ab...

46 min
30 January 2024
Dr. Sarvitree Sukaromya

With a mother who worked as a nurse, Dr. Sukaromya, knew from a young age she wanted to help people. Listen to this episode of ‘OWA Talks’ to her about incredible passion to help people, patients, and the industry at large. She also shares her insights on owning her own ...

25 min
2 January 2024
Dr. Lorie Lippiatt, OWA President

It’s a new year and OWA Talks is kicking 2024 off with a bang by featuring a very special guest, newly inducted OWA President, Dr. Lorie Lippiatt! In this episode, Dr. Lippiatt shares her unique journey within the OWA, her inspiring vision for the OWA’s future during her...

28 min
28 November 2023
Tracy Neal of GPN Technologies

Tracy Neal, Director of Customer Support, GPN Technologies talks to our co-hosts about motivating and cheerleading teams to not only produce output, but on how to thrive personally and professionally. Creating goals and challenging yourself to work outside of your comfort zo...

17 min
31 October 2023
Michelle Skinner of VSP Vision

In this episode of OWA Talks, we hear from Michelle Skinner, Chief Growth Officer at VSP Vision. Michelle outlines her ‘Three C’s’ approach to leadership and explains how to use this approach to navigate change, foster growth and plan for the future in uncertain times....

28 min
26 September 2023
Dr. Jill Saxon of Bausch + Lomb

A life of Service: Dr. Jill Saxon talks with new OWA Talks co-hosts, Tatiana and Carissa, about her journey in the industry. Through a career in optometry and her service in the US Navy, Dr. Saxon has made a meaningful impact on the world. Listen to this inspirational episod...

12 min
29 August 2023
OWA Talks Co-Hosts Pass the Baton

Join us for a special episode of OWA Talks as we ‘turn the mic’ and get the story behind the story from our hosts. Outgoing co-hosts Sandra and Stephanie pass the baton to new co-hosts, Tatiana Stewart and Carissa Dunphy, but not before they share all the tantalizing beh...

37 min
25 July 2023
Robin Brush of Safilo

Robin Brush, Training and Education Manager Safilo North America chats with OWA Talks about her journey from Optician to requesting the ten minute meeting with an executive that changed her career. Tune in for a passionate personal story that Robin shares with listeners on t...

36 min
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