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NWR’s Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition

Nintendo World Report (the site behind sister podcast Radio Free Nintendo) celebrates video game music in this trivia podcast! Listeners are challenged to identify video games from classic and modern Nintendo systems based on a sampling of their soundtracks!

Last Episode Date: 18 March 2024

Total Episodes: 197

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18 March 2024
Episode 186: A Mediocre Waudio Technician

Redundancy fosters resiliency.

82 min
25 December 2023
Episode 185: Super Happy Fun Time

Guillaume and TYP give 2023 a proper sendoff with one last episode. This is not the last episode.

90 min
20 October 2023
Episode 184: Waluigi Ambassador

Alex, Perry, Casey, and TYP join forces for another year of Radio Trivia X Talk Nintendo Wahloween madness. Are you sweating?

79 min
10 September 2023
Episode 183: Only the Finest Electric Guitars

Remember Greg? He's back, in Radio Trivia form!

129 min
12 June 2023
Episode 182: With Every Fiber of Your Diet

Check. Check. Is this podcast still on?

95 min
16 January 2023
Episode 181: Planet Trivia: Legacy Edition

Windyman, Windyman, What Do You Hear?

93 min
11 November 2022
Episode 180: The Host of Halloween Past

Huzzah for the annual Talk Nintendo Podcast crossover / Halloween episode. Never mind that pesky calendar.

76 min
4 August 2022
Episode 179: Mining the Repertoire

TYP picks, and Jonny plays along. Game No. 5 will blow your mind! #ClickBait

97 min
23 May 2022
Episode 178: Discordienting

John Rairdin helps Radio Trivia clean off its mud (because dirty is meaner than clean).

81 min
6 March 2022
Episode 177: Blue Collar Mud

Warning! TYP and James Jones have brought you a new episode of Radio Trivia. TYP sincerely apologies for the poor quality of his audio; a backup recording is better than none at all.

75 min
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