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Not Another Marketing Podcast

A Marketing and Small Business podcast. Interviews from leading Digital Marketing experts on many topics including Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and more. Listen now or download for later.


Last Episode Date: 17 June 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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17 June 2024
Balancing Creativity and Conversion in Digital Ads with Sam Sherman

This week on Not Another Marketing Podcast join me with Sam Sherman, co-founder of Socium Media a leading growth marketing agency based in New York. Sam delves into the intricacies of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, discussing the balance between creativity and conversion,...

10 June 2024
Branding Strategy for the Small & Medium Sized Business with Darren Horwitz

Join me on this weeks Not Another Marketing Podcast as Darren Horwitz, founder of the 1010 Group, dives deep into the complexities of branding for the small and medium sized business. Darren discusses the evolution of branding, the importance of clear business strategy, and ...

3 June 2024
Mastering Email Marketing with ToolTester CEO Robert Brandl

Join me this week with Robert Brandl, CEO and Founder of ToolTester who's going toi share a ton of tips on email marketing. Discover why choosing the right email marketing tool is crucial, understand the limitations of open rates, and learn best practices for crafting engagi...

15 April 2024
Understanding Customer Emotions with Chantal Cornelius

This episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast features a very 'emotional' conversation with Chantal Cornelius, founder of Appletree Marketing, on developing deep emotional connections between companies and their clients. Cornelius emphasises the importance of truly understa...

18 March 2024
Demystifying Backlinks: Strategies for Building Authority with Matt Harrison

In this weeks Not Another Marketing Podcast I'm chatting with Matt Harrison, Vice President of Global Operations at Next Net Media, who sheds light on the evolving landscape of backlinks in SEO. We talk about the significance of backlinks today, contrasting outdated strateg...

11 March 2024
Exploring Innovative Marketing Strategies with Mona Kinal

This week on Not Another Marketing Podcast I'm chatting with Mona Kinal the CMO of G2A, the world’s largest global marketplace for digital entertainment. We're delving into often overlooked marketing channels and strategies. We chat about Web3 and its implications for mod...

4 March 2024
Digital Marketing’s Creativity Crisis – Exploring solutions with Deirdre McGlashan

In this weeks Not Another Marketing Podcast, Deirdre McLoughlin, CMO at BrandGuard, an AI-powered brand governance tool, discusses the role of creativity in digital marketing and the potential impact of AI. Deirdre highlights how contemporary design trends have led to a red...

26 February 2024
How Google Ranks a Website with Greg Brooks

This week on Not Another Marketing Podcast we ask the question 'Do we know how Google ranks a website?'. This is a great chat with Greg Brooks, CMO and partner at SearchTides. Greg talks about how he's pretty sure how Gogle works! We dig into the complexities surrounding G...

19 February 2024
How Virtual Assistants Can Transform Your Agency or Business with Barbara Turley

In this weeks Not Another Marketing Podcast, Barbara Turley, CEO of The Virtual Hub, chats with me about the benefits of virtual assistants (VAs) and how they can help businesses optimise their operations. Barbara highlights the importance of optimising human capital and ho...

12 February 2024
Navigating the Ever-Changing World of Digital Marketing with Michelle Bassett

In this weeks Not Another Marketing Podcast, Michelle Bassett, a data scientist with a marketing background, chats about the evolving face of marketing. Michelle shares her perspective on the need for marketers to be adaptable and patient, especially in the face of changes ...

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