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No More Zero Days Podcast

Through guest interviews, Eric Michael Savage will take you inside the heads and hearts of those he interviews as he seeks to inspire to move you out of a zero day mentality and into a life filled with taking action towards your goals every single day through their stories.

During Q&A episodes, Eric Michael Savage shares his life experiences of failures, fears, and successes and how you can apply that to business, faith, and relationships as an entrepreneur.

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Last Episode Date: 15 January 2024

Total Episodes: 48

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15 January 2024
Ep 47. Kelly Bacon | Pursue The Person You Want to Become

Today we sit down with Kelly Bacon, whom I met at a wilderness survival school back in 2020. We discuss her journey of adventure, self love, seeing Mt. Everest, how to find joy, and overall how to pursue the person you want to become despite facing obstacles. Hosted on Acast...

56 min
3 July 2023
Ep 46. Hunter Wiemann & Lauren Colbert | Is God Really Good?

Hunter Wiemann & Lauren Colbert discuss wondering if God is really good? Does He actually come through on His promises during difficult seasons and trials? We also talk about dating in 2023 and the challenges that come with trying to find someone that aligns with your pr...

53 min
30 June 2023
Ep 45. Gabe Stoll | Capturing Life Outdoors

Gabe Stoll is a content creator for Thlete Outdoors, a filmmaker, and avid hunter. Today we discuss every detail of what it takes to make video content in the outdoors, the longing we all have to be away from technology, the technical process of filmmaking while hunting, his...

45 min
5 June 2023
Ep 44. Sarah Gerald | Who Does God Say You Are?

Sarah Gerald is a singer, songwriter, worship leader, and church staff member. Today we discuss how to hear the voice of God, growing through trials in your past, overcoming negative lies about yourself, how to find your true identity, being a christian singer in the spotlig...

61 min
27 April 2023
Ep 43. Sloane Wilson | Every Person Should Be Free

Sloane Wilson is an events manager & podcast producer for Exodus Cry, an organization existing to break the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation & help those who have been sold for sex because every person should be free. On today’s episode we discuss Sloane’s...

30 min
5 August 2021
Ep 42. Madelyn Fischelli | Be Bold, Speak Your Truth

Madelyn Fischelli is a photographer, social media influencer, and believer in Jesus. Today we discuss all what it takes to be bold and speak your truth on social media, what it’s like dating in 2021, how to have a healthy relationship with social media, Maddy’s big move ...

72 min
29 July 2021
Ep 41. Christian Bevere | Trusting God In All Things

Christian Bevere is creative director for Sons And Daughters, interior designer at Contemporary Collections, wife to Arden, and believer in Jesus. We discuss what it takes to trust Gods plan for your life in your marriage, her journey as a woman in ministry, overcoming being...

64 min
16 April 2021
Ep 40. Craig Verhage | The Journey of a BBQ Pitmaster

Craig "The BBQ Ninja" Verhage is an accomplished BBQ pit master, avid outdoorsmen, hunter of alligators, and social media personality. We discuss his journey from growing up in the Mississippi Delta to making it onto the TV show Chopped and cooking in The James Beard House. ...

63 min
25 January 2021
Ep 39. Aaron Moseley | From ER Nurse to Marketing Agency Owner

Aaron Moseley was an ER nurse, now turned entrepreneur. He founded his own marketing agency, Motivate Your Passion. We discuss all things entrepreneurship and what it takes to completely pivot from one career choice to one in a completely different direction. We also talk ab...

38 min
22 January 2021
Ep 38. Emma Offerman | Fighting For Others

Emma Offerman is a social worker. We talk about the truth of what it takes to be a social worker and the toll it takes on the person. Emma’s story of fighting for something she so deeply believes in and facing the demons that so often come up along with being in a chaotic ...

64 min
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