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An in-depth look into Canada’s landscape and snow removal industry. Hosted by Grant Harrison, a 30-year veteran who has taken his vast knowledge and experience and built a successful coaching business in Nextra Consulting. Featuring one-on-one interviews with business owners, industry giants, national suppliers, innovators and support organizations. Learn business management lessons and strategies from some of the most professional companies in Canada. 


Last Episode Date: 22 January 2024

Total Episodes: 71

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22 January 2024
Episode 70 - Nextra Update/Powergroup Resources (W/guest Jake DeJong)

There have been some recent changes at Nextra! In this episode, Grant and Marla share about those changes, and the circumstances that set the changes in motion. Then Grant speaks with Jake DeJong from PowerGroup Resources about their part in the changes and what the future h...

30 min
27 October 2023
Episode 69 - Dave Hockley (Hockley Landscape)

On today's episode, our HR Director, Charolette Cascioli talks with Dave Hockley from Hockley’s Landscaping in Simcoe. Hockley’s brought in two temporary foreign workers this year and Dave shares what that experience has been like for him and for his company as well...

35 min
13 October 2023
Episode 68 - Wendy Ladd (Jim Pattison Lease)

On today's episode, we welcome  back Wendy Ladd from Jim Pattison Lease. Wendy talks about the services JPL provides as well as gives us an update on the current vehicle market. She provides information on timelines and availability of new vehicles and outfitting, and ...

38 min
22 September 2023
Episode 67 - Paul Vanderzon

On today's episode, Grant speaks with Paul Vanderzon, a lifetime landscape/snow industry professional and mentor to many. Paul has spent his life working in and advocating for the snow removal industry and its associations. Grant and Paul discuss his experience, the cha...

64 min
8 September 2023
Episode 66 - Ryan Quigley & Mitch Bursey (Storm Solutions +)

On today's episode, Grant talks with Ryan Quigley and Mitch Bursey from Storm Solutions made a transition to liquid brine in 2019 and they share how they made that transition, what was involved, and how they trained their staff. Storm Solutions Plus is their sales, serv...

36 min
25 August 2023
Episode 65 - Brian Cotter (LGMP/Durham Artificial Grass)

On Today's episode, Grant is joined by Brian Cotter. Brian is the president of Lloyd’s Grounds Management Professionals and Durham Artificial Grass. Brian and Grant talk about about his history in the landscape industry, his dual businesses, the growth of the artifici...

50 min
11 August 2023
Episode 64 - The LO podcast w/ guest speaker Grant Harrison

Today we’re sharing a podcast from Landscape Ontario where Grant was the guest. Grant discusses what he will be teaching at the Waterloo Chapter events this fall, as well as touching on some current issues facing the industry like sales and staffing. Grant doesn't oft...

32 min
28 July 2023
Episode 63 - Jim & Jenna Monk (Encore Presentation)

With company culture as our theme this month, we thought we would bring back an interview Grant did a couple of years ago with Jim & Jenna Monk of Markham Property Services. Grant met Jim and Jenna a number of years ago and was impressed with their willingness to share t...

60 min
14 July 2023
Episode 62 - Crucial Conversations

On today's episode, we decided to stay close to home and invite Charolette Cascioli, Nextra's HR Director and Martin Horsman, one of our resident Business Coaches to talk to Grant about a "crucial" topic. No one likes difficult conversations. But they are...

31 min
25 June 2023
Episode 61 - Paul McCallum (TORO)

On today's episode, Grant talks with Paul McCallum from Toro. Paul talks about his history in the landscape industry, how Toro's survived the pandemic (and grown!), and how they are positioning themselves and their products to address the needs of landscapers and h...

54 min
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