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Next in Nonprofits

Next in Nonprofits interviews nonprofit leaders and service providers to keep you up to date with the best ideas in social good. Learn more at


Last Episode Date: 21 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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21 May 2024
Give Black Alliance with Bithiah Carter

Bithiah Carter is the President and CEO of Give Black Alliance, which "seeks to create a strong Black community capable of advocating on its own behalf and identifying the necessary resources to support its vitality." Bithiah joins host Steve Boland to talk about the orig...

44 min
30 April 2024
AI Responsibility Principles with Submittable

Anne Nies is the Director of Science for Submittable, and Sam Caplan is the Vice President of Social Impact. Submittable is a platform to help "clients further social impact through programs that reach millions of people around the world." Anne and Sam join host Steve Bo...

44 min
16 April 2024
Election-year fundraising with Shanna Kirby of Classy

Shanna Birky is the Vice President, Customer Experience at Classy, "a giving platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about." Classy is presenting a webinar on election-year fundraising on May 1, 2024. Shanna joins host Steve Boland...

47 min
2 April 2024
Donor Advised Funds with Matt Nash

Matt Nash is the executive director of the Blackbaud Giving Fund, which has "administered over $1.6 billion in donations from passionate individuals and corporations to 195,000 nonprofit organizations around the world." Matt joins host Steve Boland to talk about how small...

40 min
20 February 2024
Shopping donation programs with Shaun Kulesza

Shaun Kulesza is the Founder and CEO of ShopRaise, which "help(s) causes engage supporters, build their brand and raise money through socially-conscious shopping." Shaun joins the podcast to talk about where shopping donation programs can fit into the nonprofit fundraising ...

46 min
21 November 2023
Salesforce for nonprofits with Jenn Taylor

Jenn Taylor is the Founder of Deep Why Design, created to "to help nonprofit organizations transform and humanize their data systems. Humanized systems are transparent, equitable, and effective." The Deep Why Design team has been assisting nonprofits with tools such as Sale...

44 min
31 August 2023
Giving Circles with Sara Lomelin

Sara Lomelin is the CEO of Philanthropy Together, with a mission "to democratize and diversify philanthropy through the power of collective giving." Sara joins host Steve Boland to talk about the power of collective giving in community. Philanthropy Together offers layers...

47 min
25 July 2023
Equity in philanthropy

Noelani Pearl Hernandez is the Vice President, Culture & Leadership at Charity Navigator, whose mission "is to make impactful giving easier for all ". Carly Bad Heart Bull is the Executive Director of Native Ways Federation, which "strengthen(s) the circle of giving by...

43 min
10 July 2023
Donor acquisition with Matt Stokes

Matt Stokes is the Senior Associate Director, Prospect Management and Research at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Matt joins host Steve Boland to talk about the field of prospect management, especially focusing on bringing new donors to a nonprofit mission. Matt sh...

40 min
22 June 2023
Giving USA 2022 with Rasheeda Childress and Emily Haynes

Rasheeda Childress is the senior editor for fundraising at the Chronicle of Philanthropy and Emily Haynes is a senior reporter at the Chronicle of Philanthropy. They recently authored a review of findings from the Giving USA 2022 report. (infographic summary here.) Emil...

46 min
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