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My Best Worst Job Ever

Lynn Altman is the president of Brand Now, an innovation and design agency, and she has spent the past 20 years helping top global companies and brands envision and create their next big thing. Now, she has a new mission: talking to great leaders, visionaries, founders, and rule breakers about the ups, the downs, and the important lessons they learned from their most challenging jobs. On her new podcast My Best Worst Job Ever, Lynn takes a deep dive with these revolutionary talents and what they’ve learned from some very unexpected spaces. The hustle can be humbling, but it can also teach us some of our greatest personal and professional lessons.


Last Episode Date: 3 June 2024

Total Episodes: 2

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3 June 2024
The Dry Cleaning Job That Changed My Life

Robin McBride is co-founder and sister extraordinaire of the McBride Sisters Wine Company, the largest Black-owned and the second largest women-owned wine company in the United States. She joins Lynn Altman to talk about her career journey and the life lessons she learned fr...

30 min
19 March 2024
The Hustle Begins Here

Samantha Skey is the CEO of SHE Media—a lifestyle company that reaches over 74 million each month. The SHE Media Collective focuses on supporting underrepresented creators and publishers to scale both their profits and their social impact.  In this impactful episode, Sama...

37 min
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