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Motley Fool Money

This podcast gives you a smart, cool headed and down to earth wrap on the latest finance and investing news from Australia & around the world. Investing legends Scott Phillips and Andrew Page walk you through what’s really going on and what you need to know to make great financial decisions. Subscribe to get your regular fix of BS-free money advice. Sign up for the newsletter at

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Last Episode Date: 18 May 2024

Total Episodes: 760

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18 May 2024
Mailbag: incl. “The meats of our philosophical stews”. May 19, 2024

– What’s happening with GameStop 2.0 – I’ve done the PE… what next? – How does productivity impact investing? – How much is enough?See for privacy information.

81 min
17 May 2024
Breaking down the Federal Budget. May 17, 2024

Budgets are political as well as economic documents. But thinking about the basis for some of the decisions is a worthwhile way to illustrate some key economic and financial concepts.See for privacy information.

88 min
11 May 2024
Mailbag: incl. The Statler & Waldorf edition. May 12, 2024

– Does AI make central planning possible? – I’ve lost conviction, what do I do? – Why should we fear a property crash? – Roll over the term deposit, or buy shares? – I can sell everything to pay off the mortgage. Should I? – How do I think about selling to...

74 min
10 May 2024
The best way to run a bank. May 10, 2024

– Rates on hold… for now – The folly of GDP – Bank profits fall... – …But buybacks and dividends keep investors happy – The best way to run a bank – Company culture? Try shareholder cultureSee for privacy information.

87 min
4 May 2024
Mailbag: incl. The best way to invest for growth. May 5, 2024

– Have I got the right growth investments? – Is the Ex-20 ETF a good option? – Shouldn’t you sell Fortescue? – How can I invest for my daughters?See for privacy information.

65 min
3 May 2024
Could rates really rise three time? May 3, 2024

– Warren Hogan says rates could rise three times this year – Retail sales fall – Bonza fails – BHP makes a pitch for Anglo American – The best way to allocate capitalSee for privacy information.

78 min
27 April 2024
Mailbag: incl. The risks and opportunities of margin lending. April 28, 2024

– Do ETFs smoothe out volatility? – Should I bite my tongue and just buy a property? – Should I use margin lending? What should I expect? – Stage 3 is bad… but less bad than the alternative! – Get your gender language straight, Scott!See

74 min
26 April 2024
When will we pay the bills? April 26, 2024

– The risk of a stimulatory budget – Unpacking the cost of deficits – Investing well in a time of inflation – Is ROE really a good measure of profitability – The hidden wrinkle of ESG investingSee for privacy information.

74 min
20 April 2024
Mailbag: incl. Will Bitcoin impact FX rates? April 21, 2024

– Is there an opportunity if risk doesn’t equal return?  – How do I identify risk, and buy anyway?  – How much cash should I hold?  – AI: buy the tech? Or the customers?  – Will Bitcoin end up impacting exchange rates?  – The price has doubled. Should...

64 min
19 April 2024
Considering (or have) an SMSF? Listen to this. April 19, 2024

– To SMSF or not SMSF?  – Who should have life insurance?  – An ASX 'Dividend Aristocrat' in waiting See for privacy information.

70 min
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