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Morning Jose

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Last Episode Date: 15 April 2024

Total Episodes: 71

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15 April 2024
10 Years Sober - What Have I Learned?

I have been sober for ten years and I want to share a couple of things I have learned so far.  Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel here: --- Support this podcast:

12 min
11 December 2023
Willie Sanchez

If I can do it, so can you! Willie Sanchez was able to transform his body, mind and eating habits and stops by the podcast to share his wonderful journey with you today! Support the podcast by subscribing to Jose’s YouTube Channel here: ⁠

31 min
25 October 2023
Mike Federis

Mike Federis an amazing and talented photographer and videographer stops by the podcast! Mike Federis is a Wedding Photographer & Videographer based out of Southern California. He started his photography journey 10 years ago while traveling the world during his military ...

37 min
24 April 2022
John Russo

John stops by the podcast to explain what prompted him to change the genre he wrote and how he is now happier than ever.  Support the podcast by subscribing to Jose’s YouTube Channel here: ⁠⁠⁠⁠ My book ‘How To Be A Dad Withou...

20 min
27 February 2022
Xavier McClean

Xavier McClean is currently a PhD student studying archaeology. He is originally from New Jersey and has been writing on and off for some time, but has been focused on his first novel called Jih's Journey for almost a year now and he stops by the pod to share more about...

32 min
4 February 2022
Curtis Witters

The great Curtis Witters stops by the podcast to share his life journey. From getting a management deal at fifteen, becoming a businessman at sixteen to becoming a father at nineteen! Learn how his passion and drive led him to become the great entrepreneur he is today! Suppo...

29 min
28 January 2022
Universe Broken

Malina Jordan Author of The Lucid Universe Series stops by the podcast to share with you her new book and discover how she uses artificial intelligence to paint her lucid world into images. Support the podcast by subscribing to Jose’s YouTube Channel here: ⁠https://www.y...

37 min
21 January 2022
La Novia

La Novia was born as a tribute to a love story and is now a stunning contemporary Mexican cuisine served by chef García and his Novia Diana. Learn how their dates, travels and experiences around the world have led them to create their own business and become an example to e...

41 min
15 January 2022
Black Rhapsody

Missrena is a comic creator and the head of the multimedia brand, Magic Gal Media. Her first comic project is Black Rhapsody, a horror/cult thriller comic about music based magical girls named after Mythological goddesses of folklore in a fight against a Lovecraftian pop sta...

21 min
1 December 2021
Picaresca Barra De Cafe

Jose captures this episode in his friend's cafe in Boyle Height, California. Elisa and Leo are two great entrepreneurs who came out of the pandemic stronger than ever with their own coffee shop. They tell us their story and show us that anything is possible with some pl...

56 min
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