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More Than A Paycheck

Learn how to navigate constant re-orgs, move your career forward through management changes, stop worrying about people judging you, and feel proud of the work you are doing so that you can confidently reach your career goals. Do you wake up stressed about everything you need to get done? Are you tired of that constant hum of anxiety about the next unknown escalation? This is the podcast for you. Lindsay Buchan, a 15+ year top performing eCommerce employee and certified life coach, teaches you all of her self-help tips so that you can learn how to be more confident. Discover how you can start feeling better todays so you can get what you want out of your job, but not have to sacrifice your personal life to get there. From her manager changing day one to getting promoted and leading teams, Lindsay has been sharing her wins and failures all along the way. Learn how to navigate constant re-orgs, move your career forward through management changes, stop worrying about people judging you, and feel proud of the work you are doing so you can make it to your stock vesting while having fun along the way. Hit subscribe, and get ready to raise the bar.


Last Episode Date: 21 June 2024

Total Episodes: 197

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21 June 2024
Why vacations don't solve burnout

FREE COFFEE CHAT: 3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A BAD MANAGER:   In this episode, Lindsay Lyman, a former Amazon employee with nearly 12 years of experience, discusses the misconception that taking b...

17 min
14 June 2024
The 3 steps to master a skill

Resources: Schedule a coffee chat: Learn how to approach your manager for a promotion: In this episode, Lindsay Lyman shares insights into the three essential phases of mastering a skill. Drawing from her extensive...

17 min
7 June 2024
You don't have a work life balance problem. You have this problem...

In this episode, Lindsay Lyman explores a new approach to achieving work-life balance. Drawing from her 12 years at Amazon, Lindsay discusses the common pitfalls of "play work" and the importance of incorporating true play into your daily routine to rejuvenate and energize y...

11 min
31 May 2024
How to bring up getting a promotion to your bad manager

Episode Summary: In this episode, Lindsay Lyman, a seasoned coach and former Amazon employee with nearly 12 years of experience, shares a high-level framework to help you get promoted even if you have a bad manager. She dives into the most common barrier people face when...

30 min
24 May 2024
Stuck and Frustrated at Work? How to Break the Cycle and Find Excitement Again

This episode explores the recurring cycle of excitement, learning, overwhelm, and frustration that many people experience in their careers. Lindsay Lyman, the host, sheds light on how to identify these phases and offers tips to break free from the stuck and frustrated stag...

16 min
17 May 2024
3 Steps to Get Promoted

This episode breaks down the promotion process into three phases, with a particular focus on the third phase, where most people get stuck. Phase 1: Get Clear on Your Goals Define what you want out of a promotion (title change, money, scope of work, etc.) Identify yo...

22 min
10 May 2024
3 Elements of Trust – Part 2

Building Trust with Yourself This episode builds on the idea that trust is built through transparency, empathy, and consistency. Here, Lindsay Lyman dives deeper into how to apply these concepts to trusting yourself. Key Points: Transparency: Be honest with yoursel...

13 min
3 May 2024
3 Elements of Trust Part 1

This episode dives into the foundational principle of trust and how it's crucial for successful teamwork. Key Points: Trust is the most important leadership principle: Without trust, other leadership principles fall apart. It allows teams to function effectively ...

18 min
26 April 2024
The 4 Steps To Get Over Something Hard and Move Forward

Life is full of difficult situations from terrible leaders to feeling like you can’t get it all done. But there’s a way to manage your brain in difficult situations and be an emotionally intelligent leader. List and learn what to do when: You’re stuck in another...

17 min
19 April 2024
How to deal with a difficult boss

  What to learn how to get promoted even with a bad boss? Save your seat: *****************************   Tired of feeling stuck with a bad boss? This episode is for you! Learn how to take control of the situation and st...

13 min
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