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Modern Financial Advisor

The Modern Financial Advisor Podcast shines a light on innovative strategies, solutions, and ideas shared by guests who are driving the wealth management industry forward in new and exciting ways. The show is hosted by Mike Langford and produced by finservMarketing.


Last Episode Date: 24 May 2024

Total Episodes: 107

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24 May 2024
How To Improve Your Financial Advisory Business One Week At A Time

Brian Margolis from Productivity Giant joins Mike Langford to discuss the importance of a simple weekly strategy for financial advisors to improve their productivity and achieve their goals. Brian emphasizes the need to focus on the right things and prioritize activities tha...

45 min
17 May 2024
How Financial Advisors Can Use Proxy Voting As A Service To Level Up

Simon Zais, a senior manager at Egan-Jones Proxy Services, joins Mike Langford on the Modern Financial Advisor Podcast to discuss the importance of "proxy voting as a service" for financial advisors. They explore how proxy voting can help advisors deliver a higher level of s...

47 min
10 May 2024
What Exactly Is Sustainable Investing? And Why Are Today's Clients Demanding It?

In this episode of the Modern Financial Advisor podcast, Mike Langford interviews Pete Krull, CEO of Earth Equity Advisors, about sustainable investing. They discuss the importance of sustainable investing for financial advisors and their clients, debunk common myths about s...

59 min
1 May 2024
Why Financial Advisors Should Provide Simple Financial Health Metrics To Their Clients

Reese Harper, CEO of Elements, joins Mike Langford to discuss how financial advisors can use vital signs to improve client conversations and increase their comfort level around financial advice. Reese explains that vital signs are objective scores that measure various aspec...

45 min
27 March 2024
How Advisors Can Tap the Hidden Growth Potential in Their Clients’ Communities

What if you could expand your client roster by 300% without having to spend a fortune on marketing? This week's guest Beatriz Acevedo and her team at SUMA Wealth discovered a hidden growth gem by serving the Latinx community. It turns out, people in the community tend to br...

52 min
1 March 2024
Cracking The Code On Organic Growth For Financial Advisors

The lack of robust organic growth for financial advisors' businesses has been a key concern for industry leaders for years. On this episode of the podcast Tom Rieman, CEO and Founding Partner of PracticeI ntel shares what he believes is the key to cracking the code on orga...

52 min
12 February 2024
Appreciating How Modern The Profession Of Financial Advisor Actually Is

There are financial advisors working today who are members of the first generation of people to ever call themselves financial advisors. Think about that! On this episode of the show, Matt Reiner returns to nerd out with Mike Langford about some of the exciting innovations ...

55 min
2 December 2023
Protecting Your Clients And Your Firm From Financial Fraud

Andrew Crowell, Vice Chairman of Wealth Management at D.A. Davidson returns to the show to share some eye popping facts about the prevalence of financial fraud. Andrew and Mike Langford also explore what financial advisors can do to protect their clients for becoming victims...

51 min
17 November 2023
How Financial Advisors Can Boost Business Development

Dr. Jean Oursler "The Results Queen" explains how our caveman brains often get in the way of our ability to develop our businesses to the fullest. However, simple changes to a financial advisor's approach to his or her business development process can lead to dramatic improv...

43 min
27 October 2023
Why Every Financial Advisor Needs An Executive Assistant

It may sound hyperbolic but the reality is the advisor who tries to do everything his or herself... is bound to let some important things fall off the table. And as Gina Cotner, CEO of Athena Executive Services explains... it's not just simple "To Do" list items that an advi...

51 min
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