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Modern Church Leader

Hear pastors share what's working in their churches. Welcome to Modern Church Leader, a show for church leaders to learn business strategies, leadership skills, church tech tips, and generosity. Tune in for powerful interviews to help you grow your church to be more effective, efficient, and powerful for the kingdom of God. For more information, visit


Last Episode Date: 18 May 2024

Total Episodes: 177

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18 May 2024
Embracing Change: From Ministry to Corporate Leadership with Ben Mandrell

When Ben Mandrell transitioned from a biology and chemistry background into a spiritual calling, he did not expect his journey to take him to Lifeway Christian Resources. As a pastor of many years, corporate America was not on his Bingo Card! This episode peels back the laye...

39 min
10 May 2024
Planning Your Church's Worship Service w/ Jon Tyner

Worship Pastor of Olive Baptist Church (Pensacola), Jon Tyner, joins us on the latest episode of Modern Church Leader to chat about the artistry and strategy behind worship planning.As we peek behind the curtain of church operations, Jon lays out the rhythms of his week – ...

36 min
3 May 2024
Navigating the Rhythms of Worship Leadership with Travis Cottrell

When Travis Cottrell stepped into Nashville, he probably didn't expect his journey to lead where it has.  As a Christian Artist, Songwriter, and Arranger, Travis later added "Worship Pastor" to his resume at age 40.  Travis's narrative is a soul-stirrin...

31 min
19 April 2024
Pulpit AI: Turn One Sermon Into Unlimited Content w/ Founder, Michael Whittle

For more information on Pulpit, visit provides the tools you need to engage with your church online, stay connected, increase generosity, and simplify the lives of your staff.With tools like text and email messaging, custom church apps and websi...

32 min
11 April 2024
Cultivating Community in Church Leadership w/ Pastor Joakim Lundqvist

Pastor Joakim Lundquist joins us to recount his remarkable journey in ministry. His narrative is a testament to personal change and the influence one can wield when leading with conviction and purpose.Pastor Joakim's church, Word of Life, has left a global footprint wit...

44 min
22 March 2024
Faith-Based Gaming for Kids w/ TruPlay Games's Brent Dusing

WATCH episode HERE--Brent Dusing of TruePlay Games joins us to shed light on the transformative power of faith-driven gaming for young minds. This conversation explores the vibrant landscape of interactive media that holds at its heart the teachings of the Bible.For more inf...

35 min
15 March 2024
Tips for "Winning the Day" w/ Christian Ray Flores

In this episode, we tackle the unspoken burdens that weigh on the shoulders of those who lead our faith communities. Discover how pastors can combat the stress and anxiety that often accompany their divine calling, and how Christian's tailored coaching program is forgin...

26 min
8 March 2024
Making Your Church Media Efficient w/ Sermon Shots CEO & Co-Founder Corey Alderman

Discover the fusion of faith and technology with Corey Aldrin, a trailblazer who's bringing the digital revolution to the doorstep of the church.The heart of our conversation beats with Corey's latest venture, SermonShots, a tool that empowers churches to embrace A...

28 min
1 March 2024
How Strategic Marketing Can Make Your Organization Success w/ Mac Bridges & Kenz Durham

We are rolling out the pink carpet in this episode as Delight Ministries founders, Mac Bridges and Kenz Durham join us for a vibrant conversation that uncovers the secret sauce of branding and marketing within faith-based communities. --Learn more about Delight Ministries at...

44 min
7 December 2023
Helping Your Church to Be Known for Something w/ Mark MacDonald

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE HERE--In an era dominated by consumerism, social media, and the constant pursuit of happiness, churches find themselves facing new challenges in maintaining relevance and connecting with their communities. As attention is pulled in numerous directions,...

32 min
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