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MJBulls: Cannabis investing and cannabis fundraising

The rapid growth of the cannabis industry has created an investment boom. The MJBulls Raising Cannabis Capital Podcast features public companies, investors and cannabis companies that are raising capital to fund their growth. Produced by PodConx


Last Episode Date: 2 January 2024

Total Episodes: 397

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Entourage Effect Capital | Matt Hawkins | 2024 Preview
2 January 2024
Entourage Effect Capital | Matt Hawkins | 2024 Preview

"Reshaping Cannabis: Predictions and Potentials for 2024"Dan welcomes back Matt Hawkins, the co-founder of Entourage Effect Capital. The conversation delves into the challenges faced by the cannabis industry in 2023, marked by limited investment capital, portfolio management...

12 min
21 November 2023
Delta Emerald | Ian Dominguez

"From Schedule I to III: How Cannabis Regulatory Changes Could Reshape Investment Landscape"Ian Dominguez, the founder and chief investment officer at Delta Emerald Ventures, joins Dan Humiston to discuss cannabis industry investments and the potential impact of regulatory c...

10 min
7 November 2023
Story Cannabis | Jason Vedadi

"From Maryland to Ohio: Story Cannabis' Expanding Footprint"Jason Vedadi, CEO of Story Cannabis,  joins Dan Humiston to discuss the company's impressive growth in the cannabis industry. Story Cannabis is a young company rapidly expanding in the MSO (Multi-State Operator) sp...

11 min
31 October 2023
Rank Really High | Dan Mondello

Cracking the Cannabis Advertising CodeDan Mondello, the Co-founder and CEO of Rank Really High, joins Dan Humiston to discuss how his company helps cannabis businesses maximize their website's visibility and conversions.  They explore the challenges faced by cannabis compan...

12 min
24 October 2023
MariMed | Jon Levine

"MRMD: The Undervalued Cannabis Stock with 14 Consecutive Growth Quarters"Jon Levine, CEO of MariMed joins Dan Humiston  to discusses the evolution of MariMed from a cannabis advising company into one of the industry's leading multi-state operators. The company's strategic ...

11 min
10 October 2023
Sociale Dispensary | Annu Khot

"From Immigrant to Cannabis Mogul: A Story of Resilience and Impact"Annu Khot, the founder of Sociale, a cannabis dispensary in Chicago, shares her inspirational journey, highlighting how she raised capital in the challenging cannabis industry and opened a dispensary with a ...

12 min
3 October 2023
Grove Bags | Jack Grover

"Optimizing Cannabis Quality and Longevity with TerpLoc Packaging"Jack Grover, the co-founder and CEO of Grove Bags joins Dan Humiston to  explains how their innovative packaging system, TerpLoc is revolutionizing the cannabis industry by creating a controlled microclimate ...

11 min
26 September 2023
The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference | Gary George

"Investing in Cannabis: The Innovative 'Spark Tank' Gary George, the founder of the Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference joins Dan Humiston. to shares how he started the conference out of personal necessity after finding a gap in the cannabis event space. He wanted to pro...

11 min
19 September 2023
Copy of Paper Planes | Paul Weiss | Part 2

"Cannabis Funding in Flux: Strategies for Success in Today's Market"Raising capital in the cannabis industry is challenging, CEO Paul Weiss, of Paper Planes is back for Part 2 of his interview with Dan Humiston. In this episode he highlights the current dry spell in funding,...

14 min
5 September 2023
Paper Planes | Paul Weiss

"From Investor to Operator: Navigating the Cannabis Industry's Unique Challenges"Paul Weiss, CEO of Paper Planes joins Dan Humiston to discuss his unique position as both a cannabis investor and operator, emphasizing the importance of having control of a brand in the ever-ch...

14 min
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