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Mission Audition

Auditioning for voice over jobs can be daunting. Mission Audition can help! In this podcast, the team at exposes what exactly makes a good (and not so good) voice over audition. In each episode, voice talent on audition for a specific category of voice over job that we’ve posted, and a selection of reads are critiqued before the job is actually awarded! Packed with highlights of problem areas, and tips for solving them, Mission Audition will expand your knowledge of the way that clients hire, common pitfalls to avoid, and the extra touches you can add to ensure your auditions have the best chance of being the one that impresses the client. Our mission is to help you audition better!


Last Episode Date: 25 April 2024

Total Episodes: 53

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25 April 2024
Thinking Outside the Box with Jordan Hunter Jones

Join seasoned expert VO Jordan Hunter Jones on this super fun episode of Mission Audition. Jordan brings his experience to the table and shares how to think outside of the box and deliver your voice over spot to REAL people. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! H...

21 March 2024
Voice Insights with Voice Over Coach, Tessa Livingston

Peak performance… but not as you know it? Tune in to hear what went wrong (and hilariously right) in the auditions for a new fitness commercial. Speech Pathologist and expert Vocal Coach Tessa Livingston gives valuable and helpful tips for utilizing your voice in the b...

22 February 2024
Voice Over Life Lessons – With Aurelia Michael

Tired of generic voice over advice? Join us as we dive into the transformative world of life coaching and its power to elevate your voice acting game. Buckle up, because our guest is Aurelia Michael, the “Voice Over Life Coach,” and she’...

22 January 2024
AI, Accents, and Your Competitive Edge with Toby Ricketts

Join Vanessa, Tara, and accent connoisseur Toby Ricketts on this riveting episode of Mission Audition. We hold nothing back in this episode exploring AI voices, the ethics of AI, and how having a toolkit of accents will boost your your voice over journey. Every 2nd brief tha...

24 November 2023
Becoming a Utility Actor with Nicki Burke

Join our special guest voice over coach Nicki Burke with Vanessa and Tara on this month’s Mission Audition. On this episode we dive into what clients want, archetypes of animation, and how to utilize your unique acting skills to become a utility actor. This episode is ...

26 October 2023
Hiting the Character Target with Bertrand Ruffieux

What does voice over and slack lining have in common? Let Bertrand Ruffieux tell you all about it. Bertrand explores the importance of connecting with oneself, pacing, and editing in this episode of Voice Over Experts. You won’t want to miss it! Contact Bertrand: INFO@...

21 September 2023
The Success is in the Tagline with Luis E. Garcia

Join this month’s special guest Luis E. Garcia, Tara, and Vanessa on another riveting episode of Mission Audition. Luis talks shop on how to upgrade your studio, deliver quality audio, and the importance of taglines in voice over advertisements. You won’t want to...

31 August 2023
Honest Industry Insights with Jordan Hunter Jones

Strap in your seatbelts everyone, because this episode is a ride! Our hosts Vanessa and Tara invite coach Jordan Hunter Jones to deliver some voice over truth on this month’s auditions. We hear some very competitive auditions, and some not so much. This month’s c...

27 July 2023
Acting Your Way Into a Soft Sell with Sarah Troyer

Do you know what the difference between a hard and soft sell is? How about navigating challenging scripts for small business clients? Join Vanessa, Tara, and our special guest voice coach Sarah Troyer on this episode of Mission Audition, where we answer those questions and m...

29 June 2023
A Behind the Scenes Look Into Casting with David Goldberg

Have you ever wondered who is listening to your auditions? What about how the does and dont’s of a 2 take audition? Our coach for this month David Goldberg has the all those answers and more! Plus, David has a bonus homework assignment for all voice actors that will si...

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