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The official podcast of MiniMap! A fortnightly podcast where we talk about the wonderful world of Games. Visit for more! Follow us on Twitter at @MiniMapAu @Obiwanjezz @KJPalmer_24 @Jun_ess


Last Episode Date: 14 March 2024

Total Episodes: 213

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14 March 2024
MiniMapCast #186: Settlers of Katarn - Feat. Jam Walker

What a stacked cast this episode has! This week features the return of Kerry for the first time this year, and a very special guest: Award Nominated Freelance Writer, Jam Walker! This week we discuss Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Star Wars Dark Forces Remastered, WWE 2k24, Bala...

85 min
29 February 2024
MiniMapCast #185: The Layoffs Continue

A great deal of this episode is dedicated to talking about the recent layoffs in the games industry over the past two weeks. From Sony to EA to ZA/UM, the crash of the video game industry continues. Discussion Topics:February's Games Industry LayoffsSpelunky 2FOAMSTARSMake ...

46 min
15 February 2024
MiniMapCast #184: PS5's Latter Half

Welcome back to the MiniMapCast in 2024! This episode looks at the recent reports that the PS5 is entering the 'Latter half' of its life cycle, and Jeremy's time in Control and the AWE expansion.Housekeeping: The MiniMapCast is moving to a fortnightly basis, and Kerry is tak...

48 min
3 January 2024
MiniMapCast #183: Game of the Year 2023

Happy New Year! It's time to get into the nitty-gritty and discuss the Game of the Year for 2023!The Nominees:Baldur's Gate 3The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the KingdomAlan Wake IILethal CompanyArmored Core VI: The Fires of RubiconResident Evil 4Make sure you head to MiniMap....

210 min
3 January 2024
MiniMapCast: The Second Annual MiniMap Awards!

Welcome to the second annual MiniMap Awards! Let's break down the winners and bed-pissers of 2023!Awards:Best “I can’t believe this game came out this year” GameBest SidekickMost likely to have a retrospective rehabilitation in 5 yearsWhere are they now?Best weaponBigg...

137 min
20 December 2023
MiniMapCast #182: 2023 in Review

Oh, What a year it has been. 2023 is coming to a close, so it is time to look back at the most tumultuous year in Video Games, and try and piece together just what the fuck has happened. Discussion Topics: 2023 as a wholeMake sure you head to to watch this ...

210 min
13 December 2023
MiniMapCast #181: No Really, What Is The Point of The Game Awards?

After one of the most contentious years at The Game Awards, Kerry and Jeremy come together to discuss why this year didn't feel quite right. Afterwards, we also talk about Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the new Final Fantasy XVI DLC, The Day Before's abysmal launch (recorded ...

162 min
6 December 2023
MiniMapCast #180: What Is The Point of The Game Awards?

Kerry spent all week going in a big circle in Tears of the Kingdom while Jeremy enjoyed the new Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game. Afterwards they discuss the pros and cons of The Game Awards in the lead up to this week's big event.Discussion Topics:KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link Clos...

125 min
29 November 2023
MiniMapCast #179: The Depths of Hyrule

It's a week for catching up on our backlogs! Kerry talks about his experience of reaching the true ending in Armored Core 6, and Jeremy lays down his final thoughts on Tears of the Kingdom. We also discuss our time taking part in a Halo 2 Tableread for the Game On Cancer Cha...

84 min
22 November 2023
MiniMapCast #178: Armored MORE

After discussing the hilarity of Lethal Company, we talk about Kerry falling deeper into Armored Core VI. We also discuss the 25th anniversaries of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Half-Life!Discussion Topics:Lethal CompanyArmored Core VI: FIres of RubiconThe Legend ...

90 min
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