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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast

Welcome to the Mind, Muscle, and Movement Podcast where we challenge your thinking, have fun and empower you to take action in your own life. The show is a blend of guests and solo episodes. Thank you for tuning in.

Last Episode Date: 9 May 2024

Total Episodes: 267

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9 May 2024
It Took Me 2 Years to Lose 5 Lbs (a story about mindset, honesty and focus)

In this episode I share my story of intentional fat loss and the truth behind it. I talk about the honesty I had to face and the focus I needed to have. Hopefully you will get just what you need from this episode for where you are in your life. If you're interested in know...

29 min
11 April 2024
Starting and Owning an Obstacle Course Racing Business - A Conversation with Aaron and Dana of Race Ready Obstacles

Have you ever thought of doing an obstacle course race? Even if not, don't go anywhere! This is a great episode with Aaron and Dana of Race Ready Obstacles about their journey to business ownership and starting their own race event. It's a great story of following the sign...

65 min
28 March 2024
Chat Talks With Tiff - Becoming Honest With Yourself About Body Changes

Tiffany Culbertson joins the podcast again for another "Chat Talks With Tiff." In this episode we talk about becoming honest with yourself regarding your body and what you're desiring. We also talk about becoming fit first, mindset shifts and what it takes to actually lose f...

47 min
22 March 2024
Life Coaching, Dog Day Care and Health Over 60 - A Chat With Ralph Bernstein

In this episode I catch up with Ralph Bernstein one of my good clients and friends. In his previous episode we talked about the grief process (he lost his wife to a stroke) and this time we caught up on the last 6 years. He is now remarried, owns a dog day care business and ...

57 min
5 March 2024
Thoughts and Reflections About Turning 40

I turned 40!! In this episode I share my thoughts and reflections about the milestone birthday. Some might even surprise you! Say hi on the newsletter Life Adventure Collective

25 min
14 February 2024
A Failed Launch - What I Learned When Zero People Signed Up

In this episode I talk about what I learned when 0 people signed up for my new small group coaching program. And discussed how it relates to other aspects of life - fitness, health, work, relationships, etc. Say hi on the newsletter

22 min
13 February 2024
Part 2 - Wardrobe Consultant - Nancy Dilts - A Conversation About Our Shopping Experience

In this 2nd part episode Nancy Dilts and I talk about our shopping experience together (hint - I was a challenging client). We also talk about things I learned and took into my own shopping, body image and so much more. You can find Nancy: Nancy's website Follow Nancy...

52 min
2 February 2024
When You Don't Really Feel Like Yourself

In this episode, I talk about periods of time where I have felt like myself and times I have NOT and then what I have done to move myself back towards feeling good. Small Group Coaching - "(re)Discover You" - read more and sign up HERE Say hi on the newsletter https:...

20 min
2 February 2024
Wardrobe Consultant - A Conversation with Nancy Dilts About Personal Style, Positive Body Image and Confidence

In this episode Nancy Dilts and I talk about personal style, body image and confidence. Nancy is a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant in the Twin Cities metro area and virtually. You can find Nancy: Nancy's website Follow Nancy on Facebook, Instagram, and Linked...

55 min
19 January 2024
"New Year, Real Talk" - Unlock What is Blocking You

When we feel stuck in life we tend to do a few things - stay stuck or start to move into new places. This is done by going into different stages of discomfort and using it as a learning opportunity. This episode shares some of the ways you can do that and how it can help unl...

0 min
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