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Metropolitan Weddings Podcast

A podcast for couples looking to get married. We will have weekly interviews with wedding industry professionals sharing their expertise and insight on a number of topics all wedding related!

Last Episode Date: 25 April 2024

Total Episodes: 78

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25 April 2024
A Metropolitan Love Story: Meet the Planner Misty Willinger Events

Today is a continuation of our earlier podcast A Metropolitan Love Story: Meet The Couple James and Sierra. We sit down and chat with not only the planner of the event, Misty Willinger with Misty Willinger Events, we also get to chat with our very own Dawn, who happens to ...

57 min
25 March 2024
Meet The Wedding Pro - Silk and Champagne Weddings and Events

Samantha, the mastermind behind Silk and Champagne Wedding and Events, joins us to sprinkle some of her planning magic and wisdom. Samantha, ensures that by the end of our chat, you’ll see wedding planning in a whole new light, whether you're pondering a full-on fairy...

30 min
12 February 2024
A Metropolitan Love Story: Meet the Couple James and Sierra

Have you ever found yourself torn between the intimate simplicity of eloping and the grandeur of a traditional wedding? James and Sierra Schuchard were right there with you, until they found their way to a celebration that was authentically theirs. Today we invite you to be ...

45 min
30 January 2024
Meet The Wedding Pro - Robie and Rachel with Live Events Missouri

Step behind the turntable with Robie and Rachel from Live Events Missouri as they orchestrate the symphony of a perfect wedding day. Discover the intricacies of not just spinning tracks but weaving memories, where a DJ's touch transforms an event into a story. Our guest...

37 min
28 November 2023
Meet The Wedding Pro - Gary and Tracy with Four 2 North Photography

Join us as we sit down with Gary and Tracy, the inspirational duo behind the lens of Four 2 North Photography. Get ready to be captivated by their engaging stories of swapping a career in social work for capturing love stories through the art of wedding photography. We dive ...

45 min
16 October 2023
Meet The Wedding Pro - Once Upon a Picnic

Today we’re sharing our chat with the creative duo, Kayla and Amber, who have brewed up a fascinating venture called 'Once Upon a Picnic'. These two extraordinary ladies, first sisters-in-law, now business partners, have developed a fun way to combine their share...

27 min
25 August 2023
Meet The Wedding Pro - Kayla Sheets with Signature Event Rentals and Coordinating

Today we've got Kayla Sheets, the creative genius behind Signature Event Rentals and Coordinating to guide us through her treasure trove of event rentals, from exquisite linens to statement pieces. If you're a fan of fairy tale-like atmospheres, or just curious abo...

39 min
15 May 2023
Meet The Wedding Pro - Alan with Lighter Focus Photography

Today we get to know Alan the owner and creative extraordinaire behind Lighter Focus Photography. Alan loves weddings and loves the entire personal and creative process behind every event. He is also very well traveled which is fun to learn!

39 min
1 May 2023
Meet The Wedding Pro - Amy with Amy S Wallace Ceremonies & Coaching

Amy has a unique and personalized approach to her ceremonies and also has a passion for coaching couples to have the ultimate skill set for their relationship. She is also pretty fun. Listen in to get to know her more!

22 min
21 April 2023
Meet The Wedding Pro - Alex with Catering 2 Remember

Prepare to be delighted by owner and head chef Alex. Born and raised in Italy he brings a very fresh perspective on cooking and catering and wow did we get hungry during this episode.

27 min
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