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Last Episode Date: 11 June 2024

Total Episodes: 352

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11 June 2024
Case Study – Why Is My Boss Ignoring Me Now?

This week we have a case study from a listener who is concerned that his relationship with his boss has changed – he is feeling “ignored” in the sense of a marked lessening of interaction. Kim and Fulyana look at not just how this can be addressed but why it might be h...

11 min
4 June 2024
John Pabon Part 3 – 2024

In the final part of our conversation, Kim and Fulyana hear about the value of “material analysis” across the whole of an organisation and how that can incorporate sustainability, in business terms, in areas such as gender/pay equality, transport, logistics and resourcin...

28 min
28 May 2024
John Pabon Part 2 – 2024

We continue our conversation with John Pabon about sustainability, this week looking at the topic we didn’t have time for in our 2023 discussion – stakeholders. Kim and Fulyana learn about the three rings of stakeholders and why taking time, lots of time, to listen to th...

20 May 2024
John Pabon Part 1 – 2024

John Pabon returns for another series of 3 podcasts to answer listeners’ questions and talk about sustainability, greenwashing, greenscamming and more. This week Kim and Fulyana present one of the more interesting scenarios sent in by a listener.

22 April 2024
John Tarnoff Part 3

In the final part of our discussion with John Tarnoff we learn how to identify our own “superpower” in terms of our careers. Jamie shares his journey to realise his “superpower” and we end by understanding that we are not human “beings” but rather human “becomi...

16 min
15 April 2024
John Tarnoff Part 2

We continue our discussion with John Tarnoff and guest host, Jamie Wadley, this week looking at how to plan a career transition later in your working life. There is also talk about whether this transition/change needs to be dramatic, in the sense of a completely new path, or...

19 min
9 April 2024
John Tarnoff Part 1

This week we begin a 3 part discussion with John Tarnoff about career transitioning. Kim is joined by former guest, Jamie Wadley, as a “case study”, given that he has transitioned careers regularly and thrives with each new focus. John Tarnoff is an executive and career ...

15 min
25 March 2024
Dr Terry Lyles and Steven Bowen Part 3

In the final part of our discussion, Dr Terry Lyles and Steven Bowen look at ways to use their book rather than have it on the shelf as well as sharing stories to show the meaning of being “invaluable”.

29 min
18 March 2024
Dr Terry Lyles and Steven Bowen – Part 2

This week we begin to explore “Invaluable” and what that means for you. Drawing from a wealth of experience across many varied industries, we hear how the concepts in the book can be implemented in our own work lives as well as recognising what we can achieve by knowing ...

23 min
12 March 2024
Dr Terry Lyles and Steven Bowen Part 1

This week we have an introduction to our guests, Terry Lyles and Steven Bowen, who will, over the next two weeks, talk about being “Invaluable” which is the title of their recently released book. In this session, they talk about what the word actually means and how it wi...

5 min
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