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MCAG’s Settlement Recovery Podcast

A podcast dedicated to settlement recovery.


Last Episode Date: 31 January 2024

Total Episodes: 16

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31 January 2024
What's Happening with the Visa/Mastercard Settlement with Special Guest Mike Strawhecker

Join us for insights into the Visa/Mastercard Settlement with Mike Strawhecker from The Strawhecker Group, a leading advisor to the payments industry and Jon Gadd, EVP of MCAG. To learn more, contact MCAG at 1-800-355-0466.

11 min
15 November 2023
How to Register

With so much going on in the settlements world, we thought now would be a good time to talk about how to register for MCAG's filing services. Listen in as we talk with Peter Schmidt, EVP at MCAG, and learn about the registration process.

6 min
22 August 2023
Updates on the Visa Mastercard Settlement

MCAG Vice President of Business Development Jon Gadd joins us with the latest Visa/Mastercard Settlement update. 

6 min
5 May 2023
The Pharmaceutical Class Action Arena

We welcome back to the podcast Sam Suchy, Manager of Settlement Opportunities at MCAG. Sam takes us on a deep dive into pharmaceutical settlements and describes how businesses can benefit from them. If you want to connect with Sam, you can send her a message at samantha.such...

10 min
29 March 2023
Class Action Settlement FAQs

Adam Schmidt, VP of Business Development at MCAG, sits down with us to talk about the most common questions he gets asked about settlements. Adam also shares what makes MCAG's settlement recovery service different from competitors. You can connect with Adam by messaging him ...

17 min
6 March 2023
Making Wishes with Chad Bringman of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Ohio

Join us as we learn the story behind the 40-year legacy of the Ronald McDonald House of Northwest Ohio with President and Executive Director Chad Bringman. We'll also hear how MCAG plays a small role in helping families with sick children by sponsoring the House's new Wishin...

12 min
10 February 2023
What’s Happening in the Class Action Settlement Space in 2023?

Today, we're joined by Samantha Suchy, Manager of Settlements Opportunities at MCAG. Samantha will walk us through how she and her research team stay on top of the latest news and trends in the class action settlement space, and she'll give us her insights into what to expec...

13 min
9 December 2020
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Subscriber Settlement

We're joined by MCAG's Sam Wares to talk about a settlement opportunity for Blue Cross and Blue Shield subscribers. For more information on this settlement, visit MCAG's blog or contact Sam directly at

8 min
1 December 2020
Claims Purchasing

In this episode we welcome Sam Wares back to the podcast for a discussion on Class Action Claims Purchasing, and how this service can benefit companies during the pandemic. Visit our website for more info on Claims Purchase services, or ask Sam any questions we didn't cover ...

8 min
29 April 2020
Class Action Settlements During COVID-19

Join us as we meet with Peter Schmidt, Sam Wares, & Adam Schmidt of MCAG, Inc. to talk about how the Class Action Settlements industry is being affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.  To learn more, contact MCAG at 1-800-355-0466.

8 min
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