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Master Yourself by Robbie Cornelius

Activate your inner wizard, break generational curses, and manifest your dreams. Get Coached by Robbie Cornelius at Support this podcast:


Last Episode Date: 9 June 2024

Total Episodes: 340

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9 June 2024
This Makes Me Happier Than 99% of the Population

Unlock the secrets to true happiness and self-worth! --- Support this podcast:

14 min
8 June 2024
I Discovered 9 Ways Soul Searching Can Transform Your Life | Robbie Cornelius

Discover more Ways Soul Searching Can Transform Your Life - Book a 1 Hr 1-on-1 Master Mind Session with me - My book “The Power of Thinking for Yourself” - ...

9 min
12 March 2024
Build Confidence, Attract Success & Take Your Life Back

Take your life back! Build confidence! Attract what you really want! Become a MindMaster! #MindMaster Join the MindMaster Society #MasterMind #LawOfAttraction #Spirituality #TrainYourBrain #drjoedispenza #tonyrobbins #thinkandgrowrich #nevillegoddardtok #nevillegoddard ...

0 min
5 December 2023
Metaphysical Author and Speaker, Ricky Prestige

You can get Ricky's books here Follow Ricky Prestige on TikTok 🌟 In this inspiring episode of our series, host Robbie Cornelius sits down with the multifaceted Ricky Prestige Leverett Jr, a four-time sae...

73 min
19 November 2023
How Loa Blasucci Gained 600,000 Followers on Social Media Talking About Reverse Aging

Loa Blasucci is a powerhouse on social media, with an impressive presence that's hard to ignore. This virtual podcast was recorded using On TikTok alone, she has a following of 356.2K and a staggering 2.3M likes, not to mention her 29...

38 min
19 November 2023
He Gained 138.2K Followers on TikTok Posting Political Content

The Inspiring Journey of AJ: Overcoming Adversity on TikTok & Building a Business This podcast was recorded using Join us as we dive into the remarkable story of AJ from Aj Rantroom, a TikTok sensation known for his bold and insightful ...

27 min
4 October 2023

Achieving Financial Prosperity at an Accelerated Pace. It is important to note that achieving financial prosperity is not an overnight process but rather a journey that requires consistent effort and meaningful decision-making. Get more at --- S...

11 min
25 August 2023
Use Your Pain to Motivate You as an Entrepreneur

🔥 Use Your Pain to Motivate You as an Entrepreneur 🔥 Hey there, #EntrepreneurialTribe! 🌟 We all face challenges, setbacks, and failures. It's a part of the entrepreneurial journey. But what if I told you that your pain could be your greatest asset? 🤔 👉...

13 min
21 August 2023
Making Tough Decisions in Business and in Life

On the journey of entrepreneurship and personal growth, making tough decisions is an inevitable challenge. Join us in this insightful talk by Robbie Cornelius as he delves into the art of navigating difficult choices both in the business world and in our personal lives. ...

6 min
17 August 2023
Why They Don't Want You to Level Up

People that don’t want you to change are people that don’t want you to grow. If you level up, you leave them behind. Get more at --- Support this podcast:

7 min
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