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Marketing Without the Marketing

Marketing does not have to be pushy, aggressive, and sales-y. Respectful, ethical marketing strategies are more in line with the expectations of consumers anyway. Hosted by Michael Boezi of Control Mouse Media, LLC


Last Episode Date: 13 March 2024

Total Episodes: 150

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13 March 2024
Read Me Out...?

Launching a new single today (3/13) has me contemplating the future of this podcast. Should I keep going or would you rather just "Read Me Out?" Give a listen and let me know. The song is available in all streaming platforms & Bandcamp. The post Read Me Out...

6 min
19 September 2022
The Only Three Platforms That Will Currently Help You with Organic Reach (Episode 207)

Of the major platforms, there are only three that are motivated to help you put you in front of new people right now. Given how difficult is is to build an audience, should you accept the help and try one of them? The post The Only Three Platforms That Will Help You with O...

11 min
29 August 2022
Maintaining Control of Your IP (Episode 206)

If you hire an outside agency or freelancer to create or publish content, are they up on how to manage and protect your IP? Here's a cautionary tale that comes up far too frequently in my work with clients. The post Maintaining Control of Your IP appeared first on Contr...

9 min
22 April 2022
I'm Leaving (Episode 205)

Good or bad, transitions are the interesting parts of life. And I'm definitely in a transitional period at the moment. With that, here's an announcement... The post I’m Leaving appeared first on Control Mouse Media, LLC.

8 min
13 December 2021
A Discount Is Not a Gift (Episode 204)

The nuances matter. Even if you're genuine about it, are you unintentionally signaling that you're not trustworthy? I hope not. I also explain why I haven't been publishing as many episodes lately. The post A Discount Is Not a Gift appeared first on Control Mo...

8 min
25 October 2021
2 Ways to Get 3 Points (Episode 203)

The NBA is back as of last week, and it got me thinking about a metaphor that we can apply to our own work. What's your style of play? The post 2 Ways to Get 3 Points appeared first on Control Mouse Media, LLC.

6 min
23 August 2021
Right to a Response (Episode 202)

When someone sends you an unsolicited email, do you owe them a response? The post Right to a Response appeared first on Control Mouse Media, LLC.

9 min
9 August 2021
I Love Your Blog Post (Episode 201)

My blog can't be this great, can it? If I were to listen to the lies of scammers, I might start to believe that my blog is a must-read. I sincerely doubt that's true though. The post I Love Your Blog Post appeared first on Control Mouse Media, LLC.

6 min
26 July 2021
The Digital Representation of You (Episode 200)

I describe my work as creating "The Digital Representation of You." In 200 episodes of this podcast, in my client work, and my new project, Consider the Source, I am rooting for your best ideas to make a positive impact on the world. The post The Digital Represent...

9 min
12 July 2021
Three Marketing Quiz Types and Their Applications (Episode 199)

There are 3 different types of quizzes that you can use in marketing. Let's look at the practical uses of each type and how to set goals, choose question types, and deliver meaningful results. The post Three Marketing Quiz Types and Their Applications appeared first on...

7 min
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