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Marc To Markets

On this podcast I talk to industry leaders on matters related to your money, markets, and issues near and far from personal finance.

Last Episode Date: 8 May 2024

Total Episodes: 92

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8 May 2024
Special Needs Trusts and Maximizing Government Benefits

The importance of creating a financial plan, in which care for a loved one is paramount, is critical for many investors. In some cases, these plans include creating a Special Needs Trust ("SNT") as well as maximizing government assistance from Social Security and M...

27 min
25 April 2024
Q1 Recap and Market Outlook

The first quarter was terrific for stocks, but just two weeks into April that may already feel like a distant memory. As  discussed in my last quarterly update, the fed and interest rates were the focus to start the year. And while the delay in interest rate cuts came as a ...

36 min
6 March 2024
Artificial Intelligence Is All The Rage

Everywhere you look people are talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). How will AI change the world? Will AI put millions of people out of work? Will AI mean a stock market boom or the end of many companies as we know them? Why is AI powering the S&P 500 gains of the...

29 min
16 February 2024
Tax Reports In Advance of April 15th

As we get closer to April 15th taxes take center stage. On this episode I walk you through all the reporting information to pass along to your accountant or tax preparer. I cover when reports will be released, which reports to use, which reports are best for each account typ...

8 min
22 January 2024
2023 Recap and 2024 Outlook

2023 was an interesting year for stocks. Commonly held worries about inflation and a slowing economy were proven incorrect. After 3 quarters of middling returns for stocks and negative returns for bonds, 4th quarter was a period of enormous gains for investors across all ass...

38 min
12 December 2023
Year End Tax Planning and Portfolio Management

The end of the year always comes with lots of discussions about capital gains, income, and all aspects of taxes. This episode is a deep dive on taxes and how best to manage a portfolio to limit the tax liability. To learn more I'm joined by John McLaughlin, the Director...

29 min
27 October 2023
3rd Quarter 2023 Market Review & Outlook

The 3rd quarter was a period of change for investors. Stocks continued to rally early in the summer but then as investors began to digest a new interest rate regime, stock and bond markets sold off meaningfully to end the quarter. Treasury yields have risen to rates not seen...

39 min
27 July 2023
1st Half 2023 Market Review

The first half of the year had stocks in rally mode and bond markets stabilizing. We have reached the inflection point where the next steps by the Fed are likely to decide the course of markets over the remainder of the year. On this episode I cover: The performance of stoc...

46 min
27 July 2023
Cross Border Wealth Creates Unique Opportunities & Challenges

As the world gets smaller more and more families are living cross border lives. With family members living in multiple countries the planning concepts and tax considerations only get more complex. To learn more about how global families have unique investment and financial p...

23 min
16 May 2023
Interest rates, banking crisis, and debt ceilings..oh my

On this episode I'm joined by Roosevelt Bowman, Senior Investment Strategist at Bernstein.  Roosevelt and I discuss all the hot topics in the markets today; fed policy, inflation, the banking crisis, the debt ceiling, and how to be opportunistic.  With any questions o...

35 min
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