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Making Data Simple

Hosted by Al Martin, WW VP Account Technology Leaders at IBM. Making Data Simple provides the latest thinking on leadership, big data, A.I., and the implications for the enterprise from a range of experts.


Last Episode Date: 22 May 2024

Total Episodes: 298

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22 May 2024
Tech Talk with Ayal Steinberg, IBM GM Technical Community and Client Engineering: Part 1 - Navigating Sales, Leadership, and Calling the Shots. Unveiling Insights to Operationalize Your Success!

Part 1: Ayal Steinberg, GM Technical Community and Client Engineering.  A life in Sales is discussed in terms of Tech, leadership insights, and calling your shots.  You're guaranteed to find at least one nugget to operationalize.  01:24 Tech Community and Client Engi...

26 min
15 May 2024
About AI and IBM: chat with Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President, Software and Chief Commercial Officer at IBM

This week we chat with Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President, Software and Chief Commercial Officer at IBM. Rob talks health and hobbies, the state of AI, and IBM's overall vision. 01:57 Maintaining Health 03:57 Where is IBM Today? 06:58 Modernizing the Data Center 08:08...

28 min
8 May 2024
Edge Delta Insights: Automating Observability with David Wynn. Unveiling Intelligent Solutions for Root-Cause Analysis and Beyond!

David Wynn, Principal Solution Architect at Edge Delta, talks automatedobservability, ensuring systems are not only monitored but alsointelligently guided through root-cause analysis when issues arise02:07 Meeting David Wynn03:27 Sorry, David is from Duke04:41 Google Cloud08...

44 min
1 May 2024
Next-Level AI Insights: Cody Schneider Part 2. Discover Cutting-Edge Content Creation Techniques with Swell AI & Drafthorse AI Co-founder.

Cody Schneider Part 2, co-founder of Swell AI and Drafthorse AI : two AI content creation platforms helping businesses scale content production.  Consider this an early stage founder discussion.  A ton of fun topics in this one.00:12 Short Nvidia?  06:39 THE Platform of C...

34 min
24 April 2024
AI Innovations Unveiled: A Technical Deep Dive with Cody Schneider, Co-founder of Swell AI & Drafthorse AI. Decoding the Algorithms Behind AI Content Creation & Business Scalability. Episode 1: From Marketing Foundations to Advanced AI Applications.

Part 1.  Getting to know Cody Schneider, co-founder of Swell AI and Drafthorse AI : two AI content creation platforms helping businesses scale content production.  Consider this an early stage founder discussion.   It starts with Marketing and builds to where AI is being ...

32 min
17 April 2024
Tech Meets Mind: CPO at Phrasee Toby Coulthard on Bridging Human Psychology with AI in Marketing

Toby Coulthard, CPO at Phrasee talks to Marketing Tech as the interface between human psychology and technology.  Phrasee is a marketing platform that leverages generative AI for natural language generation, optimizing content at scale for enterprise clients such as Walgree...

40 min
10 April 2024
Reskilling Impact and the Mindful Response for a Better World with Estela Zuheros

When I need to re-center and remind myself to stay grounded and that growth is accessible to all of us (that's the reskill part) I'm reminded of this episode. The Mindful Response with Estela Zuheros, Corporate Social Responsibility, IBM.  Come for social respons...

45 min
3 April 2024
"The Brain Behind IBM's WatsonX: Ruchir Puri Unveils the Secrets of Artificial Intelligence - Dare to Ask!" #MakingDataSimple #AIUnleashedWithRuchirPuri

The master of Artificial Intelligence: Ruchir Puri, Chief Scientist of IBM Research, an IBM Fellow, and Vice-President of IBM Corporate Technology.  AI questions you were afraid to ask, from hallucinations to watsonx. #makingdatasimple #watsonxWelcome to the enlightening wo...

57 min
27 March 2024
It's March Madness so we are revisiting a favorite topic with Nancy Hensley, founding member and advisor of Mercury/13 {Replay}

This is one of my favorite episodes with Nancy Hensley, when she was CMO at Stats Perform.  I've got to get back to my bracket!Money Ball is back! Nancy Hensley, Chief Marketing Officer for Stats Perform, gives us the latest on data analytics in sports. If you like spo...

33 min
20 March 2024
The Maverick CEO: Don Finley's Unconventional Approach to Product Development and AI

More AI with Don Finley, Founder of FINdustres, a leading product development agency. Don talks about fusing science, art, and technology into one.  Not your conventional CEO. 01:30 Meet Don Finley03:50 The Midlife Crisis06:36 FINdustries07:02 Kilimanjaro Break09:40 Work/L...

40 min
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