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Level After Next With Katie Barnett

Find a good spot, grab a beverage, and get ready to grow. Be prepared to step into your level after next! The goal is that you will always be empowered, armed, and ready to grow.Katie Barnett, holds a BS in Health Science, an MA in Education, Curriculum & Development and multiple certs in the business world, plus a whole lot of therapy. She’s a mom of 3, reinvention strategist, branding expert, speaker, and business mentor.If you are ready to learn, grow, and set fire to your untapped potential, you’ll find it here along with action items and next steps. She’s got you. Here we G(r)o(w). Support this podcast:


Last Episode Date: 15 March 2024

Total Episodes: 49

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15 March 2024
E47: Healing your Gut with Avery Leigh

Connect with Avery on Instagram! Glow up Guide! In this conversation, Katie Barnett interviews Avery Leigh, a holistic health practitioner, about gut health and its impact on overall well-being. Avery shares her personal journey of dealing with gut issues and finding a mor...

36 min
4 March 2024
E46: Sunlighten Infrared Saunas

Save up to $600 on your sauna purchase - visit the website through my link or use code LevelUp when you fill out the get pricing form. Sunlighten saunas can support your wellness goals through holistic wellness. They support physical...

38 min
23 February 2024
E45: Digital Selling & Not Making it Weird with Colleen Nichols

NoShameSalesGame on instagram!Join the Digital Sales Growth Community! Order Colleen's Book, "Don't Make It Weird" here! In this conversation, Colleen Nichols and Katie Barnett discuss various topics related to content creation, sales, and building an onl...

40 min
16 February 2024
E44: Tuning Out Your Limiting Beliefs with Kevin Palmieri

Kevin is the CFO, Founder & Co-Host of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement Podcast which has over 1500 episodes in 150 countries and over 900K listens. He loves talking about Consistency, Commitment, Habits, Mindset, Confidence, Fear, Relationships, ...

32 min
8 February 2024
E43: Breaking Free from Abuse with Dana Diaz

In this conversation, Dana Diaz discusses her personal experience with narcissistic abuse and the importance of understanding the complexities of narcissism.  Dana emphasizes the need to recognize and leave abusive relationships, regardless of the label of narcissism. She a...

55 min
2 February 2024
E42: Passive Income Strategies with Whitney Elkins-Hutten

SummaryWhitney Elkins-Hutten, an investor in real estate and the director of investor education at, discusses the concept of passive investing and its benefits. She explains the mindset shift required when transitioning from active investing to passive i...

38 min
1 December 2023
E41: My Newest Curveball

Just when I start to think I have things figured out, life throws a new curveball.  This week it's in the form of my kids no longer finding me amusing.  Feels a little early to be such and embarrassment, but where does this leave me in sharing online?  If you can rel...

41 min
20 November 2023
E40: Building a Supportive Community in the Workplace with Melissa Franks 20 years of navigating the corporate minefield, Melissa struggled to find mentors that she could relate to and that had experienced what she experienced, who understood her drive to be more, while al...

37 min
4 October 2023
E39: Breaking Through Your Own Obstacles with Tim Branyan

Connect With Tim: Personal Website TrueFanz Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: TikTok: YouTube:

34 min
25 September 2023
E38: Adapting and Business Strategies with Ann Carden has more than forty-one years of business, marketing, and sales experience with over thirty years as an entrepreneur.  She has built 7 successful businesses (s...

43 min
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