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Lets Talk About Real Estate with Lisa B

Welcome to the new version of Let’s Talk About Real Estate Podcast. The podcast for real estate agents everywhere. I’m Lisa B and together with Bjorn Kunzel we are going to talk about everything real estate. We talk about what’s working, what’s not, what's new, what’s old, technology, and anything else to do with real estate. We’ll answer your questions from the Facebook Group Let’s Talk About Real Estate, so if you have a question we can help.. Join the Facebook group today and again.. Welcome to the show. If you have a question about real estate, then please join the group on Facebook also called Lets Talk About Real Estate. Thank you again for joining us don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and see you next week!

Last Episode Date: 10 April 2024

Total Episodes: 92

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10 April 2024
92: Brand New In Real Estate With Krish Gajera

He has worked hard in real estate in such a short time to become successful and that had to be a scary thing to do!   Krish has partnered with achieving the prestigious ICON award in the company multiple times.  I’ve asked Krish for some tips to help anyone living here...

11 min
8 April 2024
91: Selling Agents - Why you NEED Buyers Agents

There are many scenarios where a listing agent can benefit from working with buyers' agents.  A seller that won't LIST until they find something to buy A seller that won't SELL until they find something to buy When an agent has multiple buyers on a property and obviously t...

16 min
22 March 2024
90: Physical Office V’s Cloud-Based Model - The Truth

In this podcast we delve into the truth behind working in a physical office or a cloud-based model. Our panel of agents includes , , , , , and .   Would you like some answers to the following commonly asked questions about working from home in real estate?   What would ...

75 min
20 March 2024
89: Sanngittha Segu - India Real Estate - Hyderabad

- Sanngittha has a Sanngittha is also a member of In this interview, we discovered how Sanngittha entered real estate.. And let me tell you, she is VERY smart! We also spoke about women empowerment - this is a topic that comes up especially in real estate, as real esta...

27 min
12 March 2024
88: How do you make money in real estate with Lisa B and Bjorn Kunzel

How have you made money in real estate? We would love to hear your stories. Bjorn Kunzel discusses how he has purchased properties over the years and what has worked for him. This is not financial advice, more so just Bjorn’s opinions and what has worked so far for him. . ...

31 min
1 March 2024
87: Real estate awards - How to leverage

Today we have a panel of our Exp ICON agents discussing what Real Estate awards mean to them. We have - Bjorn Kunzel Dee Mangion James Stacy Krish Gajera Leigh Martinuzzi We discussed on the podcast what Rate My Agent Awards are and then each person answered the following qu...

23 min
29 February 2024
86: Mr Sridhar Av - eXp India and Lisa B Network Australia

- and is powered by and Sridhar has appeared on television where the media and government officials respect his opinion on real estate in India.  Today Sridhar and I discuss what real estate agents in India need to know now.  What training Real Estate Agents need now?...

23 min
23 February 2024
85: What Real Estate Agents Need to Know In India with Mr. Deepak Agarwal and Lisa B

What Real Estate Agents Need to Know In India with Real Estate Agents - Today on Let's Talk About Real Estate Podcast, Deepak Agural and I spoke about all things imperative to operating as a professional real estate agent in India. Understanding the importance of teamwork...

22 min
20 February 2024
84: India Real Estate with Harry Sandhu and Lisa B

Today and I discuss how real estate agents in India can become THE trusted professionals. What do Indian real estate agents need to know about becoming a business person?  Where should they start? Firstly, If I were an agent in India now, I would follow some real estate ag...

21 min
14 February 2024
83: Kolkata Real Estate West Bangal - India - Real Estate Training

- Real Estate Training  Real Estate Training with and Indranil recently went back home from Australia to West Bangal in India.  Indranil was interested in buying real estate in Kolkata.  What he learned was that real estate agents didn’t have access to the training w...

28 min
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