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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Welcome to Let’s Be Honest Before We Start Pretending, the Podcast where YOU get to Take the Lead in Your Life w/ Coach Kelly Mobeck as we move through this beautiful thing called life! Entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals and those seeking self-improvement will explore tangible tips, strategies, relatable and funny stories you can implement in your personal and professional lives that will absolutely help you take the lead in your life authentically, with joy, fulfillment, and impact. There will be amazing guests who have stories where they took the lead in their life, got super honest about what is what, and created amazing changes, stories, relationships, businesses, and lives that are in alignment with their purpose and values, and they are thriving and happy. This world needs your leadership, your gifts, your unique brilliance, and Coach Kelly believes that real leaders don’t wait, they create! She knows first-hand that life will throw curve balls, that we will doubt our greatness, ideas, and contributions. Her goal is that you believe in yourself beyond reason, and that she gets to be a Coach & Champion for you, so that you feel inspired, motivated and most important in action toward your unique impact in this world. Get ready to find out who you are authentically as a leader, own it, and then go out and make an impact in your life and the lives of others, with weekly inspiration, insight, challenges and champions. It’s time to take the lead in your life.


Last Episode Date: 13 May 2024

Total Episodes: 195

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13 May 2024
Myth Busting What Limits Us

Episode 194: Myth Busting What Limits Us How many times do you not go after something you really want in your life because your inner voice is screaming “YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH” or any version of that.  Our self-limiting beliefs and the rules we make up from them c...

33 min
29 April 2024
What About Results? – Intention Part 3

Episode 193: What About Results? – Intention Part 3Get ready to check your results on today’s episode, it’s the final piece in mastering intention!  We’ve married clarity + action, took on “instant gratification”, and challenged our mindset with a tool calle...

17 min
15 April 2024
Just Do It? – Intention Part 2

Episode 192: Just Do It? – Intention Part 2Last episode we talked about what it means to get clear on your intention and I shared the four components of intention to help you with clarity. This week’s episode poses the question, “so when we are clear on our intention, ...

24 min
1 April 2024
We Are Magical – Intention Part 1

Episode 191: We Are Magical – Intention Part 1Did you know we are magical beings? It’s true, we have a super power that often we forget to tap into. What is that super power you ask? It’s your intention! In today’s episode, I share a personal example of how powerful ...

24 min
18 March 2024
Take the Lead - Part 2

Episode 190: Taking the Lead in Your Life - Part 2Now that we understand what it means to lead with and leverage your genius, why it’s important, and what it creates in your life, today we are going to talk about a powerful practice that will help you tap into your genius ...

20 min
4 March 2024
Take the Lead - Part 1

Episode 189: Taking the Lead in Your Life - Part 1Do you see yourself as a leader? I often hear this response, “no, definitely not”.  I think there are so many definitions of what it means to be a leader. It could be in your profession, family, community, etc, and a...

28 min
19 February 2024
Living Your Inspired Life - Part 2

Episode 188: Living Your Inspired Life - Part 2Ready to have some proven practices to Live Your Inspired Life? Well alright then, let’s do this!  In part one we looked at the 6 areas of life that are typically the most important to us, and what it feels like to be ins...

17 min
5 February 2024
Living an Inspired Life

Episode 187: Living an Inspired LifeHave you ever been around someone who seems to move through things in a way that makes you say hmmm? Even the really challenging stuff?  And you wonder how they do it?  What I have found is that people who are committed to l...

27 min
22 January 2024
Being Inspired with Jenny Ponzuric

Episode 186: Being Inspired with Jenny PonzuricAs we continue our theme of Inspiration this month, I am excited to bring back Jenny Ponzuric to the podcast where we discuss her perspective on inspiration and the importance of having it as a consistent practice. Jenny is also...

38 min
8 January 2024
Inspired with Brianna Harwart

Episode 185: Inspired with Brianna HarwartDo you think there is a difference between being inspired and motivated?  I think there is and today on the podcast we are taking that on, and sharing practices on how you can stay inspired. I am also thrilled that this epi...

39 min
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