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”LEAP Leaders Unplugged” Podcast, hosted by Siobhan Neilland, Executive Leadership Strategist and Talent Advisor This podcast bridges the gap between vision and action. It caters to leaders across corporate and non-profit sectors and focuses on innovative change in organizational design. It provides in-depth insights into industry revolutionaries’ strategies, offering listeners actionable advice on overcoming challenges and fostering business growth aligned with core values. The podcast features discussions with global leaders who share their unique stories of building successful, purpose-driven organizations that champion inclusivity and belonging. For more information on Siobhan Neilland and her optimization leadership talent framework, check out


Last Episode Date: 25 April 2024

Total Episodes: 5

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25 April 2024
Ep. 5 - Maritza Schäfer Organizational Change with Grace - LEAP Leaders Unplugged Video Podcast

In this enlightening episode of LEAP Leaders Unplugged, we're excited to speak with our guest, Maritza Schäfer, the visionary founder and CEO of MASU Consulting. Maritza is a seasoned consultant and coach specializing in organizational culture and transformative change. Foc...

52 min
18 April 2024
Ep. 4 - Jackson Aimiuwu Innovating Leadership - LEAP Leaders Unplugged Video Podcast

In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome Jackson Aimiuwu, a dynamic leader in the tech industry who currently spearheads the US Payments Industry Solutions Architecture team at AWS. Jackson joined AWS in July 2019, first impacting the Canadian Business Unit and then leadin...

55 min
4 April 2024
Ep. 3 - Andrea Euenheim CEO & C-Suite Advisor - LEAP Leaders Unplugged Video Podcast

In this episode, we introduce Andrea Euenheim, a C-Suite trailblazer and visionary advisor for global organizations. Andrea has redefined leadership in human resources for over twenty years, including talent acquisition, mergers and acquisitions, and business innovation acro...

45 min
14 February 2024
Ep. 2 - Meet Our Host, Siobhan Neilland - LEAP Leaders Unplugged Video Podcast

In this intro episode, Dawn Gagye interview of our Host, Siobhan Neilland, about her background with both for-profit and non-profit work globally! Siobhan Neilland is a globally recognized thought leader in Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, and IDE&B Organizati...

59 min
14 February 2024
Ep. 1 - Introduction - LEAP Leaders Unplugged Video Podcast

This episode of "LEAP Leaders Unplugged" Podcast introduces you to a space where vision meets action with a podcast tailored for Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators spearheading change in both the corporate and non-profit realms. Each episode offers a deep div...

2 min
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