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Leadership, Brand Strategy & Transformation – Minter Dialogue

With the Minter Dialogue podcast, your host Minter Dial is on a mission to help elevate the debate and insert more meaningfulness into our lives. He gives weekly interviews around leadership, brand strategy and transformation, featuring top business leaders, personalities, entrepreneurs and authors from around the world who are making things happen! The show was ranked as the #6 Leadership and #5 Branding Podcast 2021 by Feedspot, Julie Livingstone’s Top 15 Marketing Podcasts 2020 and Top 50 Marketing Blog/Podcasts by Linkedin. Minter Dial is a filmmaker and author of four award-winning books, The Last Ring Home, Futureproof (FT Press), You Lead (Kogan Page) and Heartificial Empathy, 2nd edition (2023). He's currently writing Dialogos on Substack, to foster more meaningful conversation. Podcast show notes are on To rate & review:


Last Episode Date: 19 May 2024

Total Episodes: 569

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19 May 2024
Lisa Riemers Unveils the Spectrum of Inclusive Digital Strategies (MDE567)

Minter Dialogue with Lisa Riemers Lisa Riemers, a digital accessibility champion and communications consultant. Given her role, Lisa bridges the often wide gap between technology and communications teams. With her expertise, she ensures digital channels and services are acce...

59 min
12 May 2024
Embracing the Flawsome: Stan Phelps on the Power of Imperfection in Business and Branding (MDE564)

Minter Dialogue with Stan Phelps Stan Phelps, who is known for his distinct pink glasses and vibrant approach to marketing, has spent decades refining the art of standing out. He has been a prolific author, with his "Goldfish" series, qualified by a spectrum of colors, each ...

69 min
5 May 2024
Grooving with Gratefulness: Greg Koerner on the Enduring Legacy of Grateful Dead (MDE563)

Minter Dialogue with Greg Koerner Greg Koerner, a friend and fellow Fiji from my days at Colgate, is a seasoned and practical lawyer in New York who handles a diverse variety of complex civil litigation and other legal matters for clients of all sizes and levels of sophistic...

57 min
28 April 2024
Unveiling the True Essence of Leadership with Exeter Chiefs' Don Armand: Rugby, Resilience, Leadership and the Pursuit of Legacy (MDE564)

Minter Dialogue with Don Armand Don Armand is an ex-professional rugby player, having played for the Stormers in South Africa and the Exeter Chiefs in England, the latter with which he won the Premiership twice (voted Man of the Match for the 2017 final) and became European ...

64 min
21 April 2024
How and Why to Develop Personality with Chief Neuroticism Officer and Author, Nikita Mikhailov (MDE563)

Minter Dialogue with Nikita Mikhailov  Nikita Mikhailov is the self-declared Chief Neuroticism Officer at PsyPub. A highly influential trained occupational psychologist in the business world, Nikita is a coach, speaker, and comedian. An expert in psychometric assessments, h...

64 min
14 April 2024
Embracing Mortality: A Physician's Journey from Cardiology to Hospice Care with Dr. Chris Kerr (MDE562)

Minter Dialogue with Dr Chris Kerr Dr Chris Kerr is a hospice physician and end-of-life researcher. He's also the acclaimed author of "Death is But a Dream" as well as one of the most viewed TEDx speakers, with over 5 million views for his talk, "I See Dead People: Dreams an...

58 min
7 April 2024
Discover Emmet O'Sullivan, Teenage Author of "Drew Discovers Diabetes" and his Journey after Being Diagnosed a Type 1 Diabetic (MDE561)

Minter Dialogue with Emmet O'Sullivan Emmet O'Sullivan is 17-years-old, lives in New York. Four years ago, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, an auto-immune disease about which so many people don't know or understand. Son of my friend, Margaret Molloy, Global CMO of Sieg...

52 min
31 March 2024
Now We're Talking, with Psychologist, Dialogue Coach and Author, Sarah Rozenthuler (MDE560)

Minter Dialogue with Sarah Rozenthuler Sarah Rozenthuler is a chartered psychologist, dialogue coach, leadership consultant and published author with nearly 20 years' international experience consulting. With extensive expertise in dialogue, Sarah specialises in coaching sen...

53 min
24 March 2024
The State of the Art of Computer Vision Tech with Mihkel Jäätma, cofounder and CEO of Real Eyes (MDE559)

Minter Dialogue with Mihkel Jäätma Mihkel Jäätma is cofounder and CEO of Real Eyes, Attention Measurement, a software that measures human response at the speed and scale of Artificial Intelligence. In their words, they are "the only fully Responsible AI for computer visi...

56 min
17 March 2024
Facing Down Fear, Dealing with Risk and Climbing the Shard, with Extreme Athlete and TV Host, George King (MDE558)

Minter Dialogue with George King George King is a young man on a mission. His calling is to run toward fear. In 2019, at the age of 19, he scaled The Shard in London, a 310 metre-tall building, without any strings or attachments. It's called free climbing. For doing so, he w...

59 min
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