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Leaders Moment

The world needs more great leaders, but leadership in God's Kingdom is upside down. If you're looking for answers and insights from leaders who have served faithfully for years and decades, you've come to the right place. The FXMissions Leaders Moment podcast is for the everyday leader who's not chasing titles or accolades or personal gain. It's for the leader who wants to do the very best with what God's called them to, no matter how big or small it seems. Start listening today and see what God does with it!


Last Episode Date: 1 March 2024

Total Episodes: 225

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1 March 2024
Looking Back and Moving Forward

There will be some changes with the Leaders Moment podcast. Listen as Scott reflects on the remarkable 5-year journey of the Leaders Moment, celebrating over 258 thought-provoking episodes. He also talks about how his focus is changing based on God's guidance and how that wi...

7 min
1 February 2024
Inside the Leadership Mind of a Special Forces Soldier

Join host Scott McClelland and a special guest from the special forces community as they unpack the intersection of faith and masculinity. Learn about how taking initiative, being resilient, and working in a team are essential for soldiers and for anyone facing life's challe...

25 min
8 January 2024
How to Thrive as a Forerunner in a Changing World

When God shows us something, it's time to act on it, right? Well, as we look through Scripture, that's certainly not often the case. As Scott and Ken mention, sometimes we struggle to understand what God wants us to do and when. This struggle is meant to help us rely on God ...

58 min
1 December 2023
Unearthing the Power of Humility for Christian Leaders

Let's face it - the world is filled with distractions and temptations. However, as Christian leaders, we must stay grounded in humility and truth. But what happens when we're faced with a shocking revelation that threatens our faith?Scott and special guest cohost Ken Brooks ...

42 min
1 November 2023
From Church Building to Disciple-Making

In the unpredictable world of leadership, the power of discernment is vital. But what happens when spiritual activity is mistaken for the movement of God? What happens when we take our focus from building relationships and making disciples to building our churches?Join Scott...

43 min
2 October 2023
Life-Changing Books That Uncover New Perspectives for Personal Growth

Have you ever heard these myths about books that can truly transform your life? Myth number one: Books can't really change you, it's all just hype. Myth number two: Only self-help books can have a profound impact. Myth number three: You have to finish a book for it to have a...

38 min
1 September 2023
Lifelong Learning and Self-Discipleship for Leaders with Ken Brooks

How do we develop as leaders in God's Kingdom? On the one hand, we must submit to God and allow Him to be in control. But on the other hand, discipleship is not a passive process. Rather, it's an intentional process.Ken Brown is no stranger to the tension between being passi...

32 min
1 August 2023
From Brainwashed to Empowered: Peter Young's Story of Escaping a Cult's Toxic Leadership

Peter Young shares the chilling experience of being a part of a destructive religious cult. As he delves into the dangers of toxic leadership and the lasting impact it can have, Peter's story takes an unexpected turn. Looking back, it seems inevitable, but it took him comple...

32 min
3 July 2023
Spiritual Leadership: Embracing Weakness, Growth, and Epic Faith

Are you tired of feeling like your faith is stagnant despite all your efforts? Have you been told to simply pray more or read your Bible regularly but still find yourself lacking a deeper connection with God? It's time to stop the ineffective actions and start fostering...

45 min
1 June 2023
Rising Above Ego: Leadership Lessons from Pierce Brantley

From ego-driven to empowering: Pierce Brantley's journey into humility and the unexpected twist that revolutionized his approach to leadership. You won't believe the game-changing realization he made - and the open loop left will leave you questioning your own leadership sty...

31 min
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