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Lead A New Future with Kate Ruby Aroha

In this podcast, you'll find a variety of conversations that have us explore topics connected to our leadership and lives, both personally and professionally.  Whether we're discussing high performance teams, extraordinary boundaries, or recreation in long term relationships, the leadership I stand for is one that values a culture of fairness and transparency, while giving us access to our ability to effect change.  

With a clinical background, I've worked within highly acclaimed leadership teams in the health sector of New Zealand, before spending a decade facilitating advanced leadership experiences across multiple countries.


Last Episode Date: 14 April 2024

Total Episodes: 79

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14 April 2024
Listening to the ‘signals’ that its time to take a new direction [missing this has a big impact] | Episode 83

This is an important conversation about paying attention to the cues and signals that you’re getting to take a new direction OR evolve things forward. When we DONT listen to these cues (which might be because we’re not hearing them correctly, or misinterpreting them as ...

23 min
9 April 2024
Are you (accidentally) training people to underperform? | Episode 082

This is alot more common than you might think, and could very well be the reason why you're overstretched (with too many balls in the air.In this conversation I talk about this (all too common) dynamic, what it is, and the space from which to shift it.On the other side ...

25 min
25 March 2024
$433K of sales in 11 weeks. LESSONS & INSIGHTS that can be applied anywhere in life | Episode 081

In this podcast episode, I share my experiences and insights on achieving ambitious goals without burnout. I emphasize the importance of recovery, maintaining clear work-life boundaries, and adopting new levels of thinking to solve bigger problems and achieve significant be...

27 min
12 September 2023
Being immune to an agenda that's not your own | Episode 080

This is a multi layered conversation. Here I discuss….What REALLY matters when it comes to our characterHow being a leader, is not necessarily the same thing as someone occupying a position of leadership.Being clearly dialed into what you yourself value (so you’re not pu...

17 min
26 June 2023
Addicted to Meth: My full story | Episode 079

I recorded this as a one off conversation, with the intention that it's useful. As well as sharing the details of what happened, I also talk about....Moments of insight - how important these moments are and what to know about them.What I mean by 'one spoon at a t...

40 min
22 May 2023
‘Everything’ (part 2): Requiring ourselves to think in new ways | Episode 078

This is part two of a bigger conversation. Here I share my thoughts on creating new pathways forward, versus getting stuck at levels that are simply unworkable. Here I have a lot to say around unhealthy, self-sacrifice versus healthy thriving leadership… And what becomes...

25 min
17 May 2023
Everything thats on my heart at the moment… | Episode 077

Its finally time to share all of this including what happened leading up to our last event, in particular what we did in the backend that no one knew. I also have a lot to say about the personal development industry, plus some of our experiences over the last few years that ...

37 min
7 March 2023
When the subtext of communications is ‘you owe me’, the relationship is not free to thrive | Episode 076

In this conversation I unpack some stuff around a private message I received on social media. There’s some key distinctions I want to draw here around…Developing X-ray vision to see through the outer skin, to the bones of someone’s communicationHow we are NOT entitled ...

20 min
24 January 2023
We’re ending our first marriage | Episode 075

Henare and I are ending our marriage together in order to make space for something even more special. In this conversation, I'm sharing about this, as well as some comments around long-term relationships. I use my platforms to talk about stuff that matters through a le...

18 min
10 January 2023
Are men not being catered for? | Episode 074

Are our men being catered for in the growth space? Are men actually way more vulnerable than we realise? Whats being provided so that we’re ALL thriving? It matters that we as women are growing, and becoming stronger and stronger within ourselves. Time and time however, th...

15 min
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