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Lay of the Brand

Welcome to the Lay of the Brand podcast, where we talk with the experts on tech marketing, creative and PR to learn what’s new, what’s working and what’s next.


Last Episode Date: 6 June 2024

Total Episodes: 30

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6 June 2024
2024 AI survey report: how to reach B2B AI buyers now

Over 90% of professionals surveyed say their organizations will use AI more frequently this year than last year.  AI providers need to learn what their target audiences really think about AI, both good and bad, who’s making the buying decisions, and the best ways to reach...

23 min
21 February 2024
B2B Influencer Marketing with Carter Hostelley, LeadTail

Influencers are everywhere, but this trend goes beyond fashion tips and recipe hacks. Influencer marketing is essential for B2B tech marketers and PR pros, too. Carter Hostelly, CEO of LeadTail, joins us to explain how you can build relationships with the people your audien...

35 min
24 January 2024
2024 B2B Media Outlook with Sam Whitmore

What's next for the B2B tech media world -- and how should PR pros and marketing leaders prepare for the big changes ahead? Sam Whitmore of Sam Whitmore's Media Survey ( joins host Peter Jacobs to tackle what's coming in 2024.For more tech mark...

35 min
9 November 2023
The 5 Scariest B2G Marketing Mistakes with Matt Donovan, Merritt Group

Marketing to the government is very different from a B2B approach. A lot of government-focused companies have strategies in place to crack this code, and have even engaged marketing and PR agencies to help them do it right. Even so, it’s too easy to make avoidable errors ...

35 min
31 January 2023
Marketing to healthcare CIOs — our 2022 survey results

For healthcare technology marketers, knowing where to focus your efforts and your resources starts with understanding what CIOs really want from you — and what they don’t. What’s the best way to reach this elusive group, what are they reading and watching, and how can ...

27 min
5 January 2023
2023 predictions for marketing and PR with Microsoft and Merritt Group

For tech marketers and PR pros, 2023 could be a wild ride, with an uncertain economy and new possibilities to engage with customers, the media, and influencers. Still, as we've seen in the 25 years since Merritt Group's founding, some things are evergreen. So, wha...

23 min
15 September 2022
Take control of your personal brand

As PR and marketing professionals, we’re consumed by the brand reputation of the clients and organizations we represent, but often fail to build our own personal brand. Carol Blymire, founder and CEO of Neon Strategies and professor at Georgetown University, joins us on La...

44 min
17 March 2022
B2B marketing in the metaverse

Is the metaverse just the next "next big thing?" Or is it a totally new way of looking at interactivity and engagement? And what can marketers be doing now to make sure they aren’t left behind? Listen in for insights from Yashar Behzadi, CEO and founder of  Synt...

23 min
4 February 2022
Launching and Measuring Your B2G ABM Campaign with Aaron Heffron and Kate Tong

In the final episode of our three-part series, we're looking at how to put the data you've gathered and the content you've created to work. What channels do you choose and what should you measure to see if you're actually hitting the mark? To find out, we...

26 min
18 November 2021
Creating valuable B2G content for ABM with Aaron Heffron and Courtney Hastings

In part two of our three part series on federal account based marketing (ABM), we’re looking at creating powerful messaging and content strategies. How does research inform content, and how can you adapt to focus on the people and messages that can make all the difference ...

28 min
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