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Laugh, Lend and Eat

Welcome to Laugh, Lend and Eat, the podcast hosted by Fobby Naghmi and Madison Keenan. This podcast is all about three things they love - laughing, mortgage lending, and eating good food. Fobby and Madison are both engaging and personable, and their combined years of mortgage experience allow the guests to be able to share valuable insights, whether on sales strategies, fintech, or a number of topics; The guests have the comfort of knowing their experience is being shared properly. If you want to increase your awareness of the mortgage business, be sure to listen to Laugh, Lend, and Eat!


Last Episode Date: 21 May 2024

Total Episodes: 135

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21 May 2024
From Brokers to Bankers: Beyond the Mtyhs

In this episode of Laugh, Lend, and Eat, host Fobby Naghmi is joined by Jeff Kane and Jason Smathers to debunk some mortgage industry myths about brokers are better. Dive deep with us as we uncover the truths behind these common misconceptions and provide valuable insights f...

35 min
30 April 2024
Madness in the Market: Rates, Competition, and Finding Opportunities

In this episode of "Laugh, Lend & Eat," hosts Fobby Naghmi and Madison Keenan tackle the pressing issues facing the mortgage industry. From fluctuating interest rates to shrinking inventories, this episode provides an insightful and candid look at the current s...

36 min
23 April 2024
From Courtroom to Coaching: Julia Nilsen's Guide to Surviving Divorce

In this episode of Laugh, Lend, and Eat with Madness, hosts Fobby Naghmi and Madison Keenan welcome Julia Nilsen, a certified divorce coach and former attorney, to share her unique journey from the legal field to empowering others through divorce coaching. Dive into Julia&#...

40 min
13 April 2024
Voices at the Table: Inclusion and Innovation in Mortgage Solutions

Episode Summary: In this vibrant episode of Voces Latina, Fobby and Dalila Ramos of Love and Tacos Media discuss the cultural dynamics within the mortgage industry, everything from industry events to the impact of technology on diverse communities. Key highlights include a ...

35 min
3 April 2024
Licenses, Lawsuits, and Life Lessons: Are We at a Turning Point in Mortgage and Real Estate?

Is the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry Facing a New Era of Challenges and Opportunities? Fobby Naghmi and Madison Keenan delve into a kaleidoscope of topics within the mortgage and real estate industries. With their signature blend of humor and insight, they explore the i...

35 min
28 March 2024
Predicting Moves, Making Waves: Hiring Re-Imagined

Dive into the future of the mortgage industry with Dale Larson III, co-founder of Modex, in this enlightening episode of Laugh, Lend, and Eat. Explore how the integration of predictive analytics and AI is not just altering the hiring landscape but is re-imagining it entirely...

44 min
26 March 2024
The NAR Proposed Settlement: Impact and Insights

Welcome to a special edition of Laugh, Lend, and Eat, where we dive deep into the recent buzz around the proposed National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement. In today’s episode, we’re breaking down the complex layers of this topic and exploring its potential impa...

41 min
23 March 2024
Laughter, Loans, and Late Payments

Are you a mortgage loan officer looking to navigate the ever-changing market landscape with humor and insight? Dive into this dynamic episode of "Laugh, Lend, and Eat with Madness," where the hosts, Fobby Naghmi and Madison Keenan, blend personal anecdotes, humor, ...

38 min
12 March 2024
The New Frontier of Marketing According to Geoff

What does the future of marketing look like in the age of artificial intelligence? In this episode of "Laugh, Lend & Eat," host Fobby Naghmi engages in an in-depth conversation with Geoff Livingston, an esteemed marketing strategist, distinguished photographer,...

40 min
12 March 2024
Sign-Ons and Bonuses: The Truth Behind Mortgage Recruitment Strategies

Dive into an engaging discussion with Fobby Naghmi and Dalila Ramos on this episode of Laugh, Lend & Eat Voces Latina, which focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities for Spanish-speaking professionals in the mortgage industry. Key takeaways include: Cultura...

33 min
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