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LATAM Medtech Leaders

Latin America is undergoing dramatic demographic and epidemiological changes. Its population is rapidly aging, and there is a worrisome increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases. Despite this, innovative medical technologies sometimes take years to reach these patients. US and European Medical technology ("Medtech") companies struggle to find a cost-effective first-in-human clinical research center or to gain market share in Latin America; this prevents patients in Latin America from having faster and easier access to innovative and breakthrough medical technologies.We realized that a) the majority of US and European small and mid-size Medtech companies fail in their attempt to enter Latin America; b) that these companies have no source of quality, reliable, and actionable information on how to reach the right patients in the region, c) that these companies have a hard time finding an expert to guide them to succeed in the region. As a consequence, patients in Latin America have delayed access to breakthrough and innovative medical technologies. We decided to create this podcast to fix these problems by becoming part of the solution to accelerate the penetration of breakthrough medical innovations in Latin America.


Last Episode Date: 1 March 2024

Total Episodes: 93

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1 March 2024
Luis Alvarez, CEO and Founder of Theradaptive

Luis is the CEO and Founder of Theradaptive and developed the concept for targeted therapeutic delivery during and following a combat tour in Iraq where several of his soldiers suffered severe extremity injuries. Previously, Luis was the co-founding Deputy Director of the De...

16 min
23 February 2023
Etienne Nichols, Medical Device Guru

Etienne Nichols is a Medical Device Guru and Mechanical Engineer who loves learning and teaching how systems work together. He has manufacturing and product development experience, even aiding in developing combination drug-delivery devices, from startups to Fortune 500 comp...

31 min
16 February 2023
Ruben Gaitan Ortiz, CEO at Alandra Medical

Ruben is the CEO of Alandra Medical. He has dual qualifications in engineering and technology entrepreneurship combined with 16 years of experience in medical device development. Self-motivation, adaptability, trainability, and entrepreneurial drive are his key tools for ach...

36 min
9 February 2023
Ernesto M. Nogueira, CEO at ValueConnected

Ernesto has 27 years of experience leading healthcare strategies to drive access and expansion for new products, developing value propositions for public and private stakeholders, and assessing global market opportunities for healthcare companies. He has worked for both gove...

32 min
26 January 2023
Antonio Trujillo, Ph.D, Health Economist & Professor

Dr. Antonio Trujillo is an Associate Professor in the Department of International Health with expertise in health economics, the economics of aging, and applied econometrics. Antonio is the co-director of the Master of Health Science (MHS) in Global Health Economics degree p...

37 min
19 January 2023
Carlos Medina, CRO Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean at Hasten LLC

Carlos Medina is a Medical Doctor who works with health technology professionals to help them make the best technology for patient care available across Latin America. Carlos has witnessed the many benefits and risks that come with applying technology to solve health problem...

37 min
12 January 2023
Yoku Sashida, CEO & Co Founder at Kenko Solutions

Yoku Sashida is the CEO & Co-Founder at Kenko Solutions, a company dedicated to managing and developing biomedical projects based on technology. He is responsible for opening economic relationships, capturing technology-based projects, forming work teams to carry out tec...

33 min
5 January 2023
Luis Santiago, CEO at PEGASI

Luis Santiago is PEGASI's CEO and CTO. By training, he is a social communicator and marketing and public relations professor. By profession, he is a self-taught programmer, technology project manager, and Product Owner, with more than 14 years of experience in the area....

30 min
15 December 2022
Dave Dolan, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at MultiFunctional Imaging

Dave is the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at MultiFunctional Imaging, a University of Utah startup company that provides software solutions for improving the efficiency and accessibility of multi-tracer imaging with PET, PET/CT, and PET/MRI scanners. Dolan’s career h...

24 min
8 December 2022
Josh Cohn, Chief Commercial Officer at EndoSound

Josh Cohn has 15 years of experience in the medical device field, rising to National Sales Director of PENTAX Medical, a major endoscope provider. He has a strong history of leading successful sales organizations, building winning strategies, and launching disruptive program...

27 min
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